Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ten New Blogs

Panem et Circenses - Right wing/libertarian
Bente Kalsnes - Norwegian political blog
Dispatches from Paisley
Plastic Paddy - Pro Unionist Northern Irish blog written by an American
Jonny Mac's Place
Sassy Conservative - From a young Birmingham Conservative
Yapping Yousuf - Scottish Labour blog
Zoooommm - Photoshop humour
Blue Sky Thinking - Young Conservative blog
Jobbing Doctor - Diary of a GP

These blogs aren't necessarily newly created, but I haven't known about them before and they had not, until now, appeared in the TP Blog Directory.

Visit the Total Politics Blog Directory which contains more than 1,660 blogs. If you know of one which isn't there, please fill in the Submit a New Blog form on the left hand side of THIS page.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In a week when George and Zippy revealed they are still true blue Thatcherites, your own highlighting of the Zoooom blog with it's frankly odious undercurrents suggests you all have a long way to go before you shake off the 'nasty party' tag.