Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tory Bear Wants DC to Cuddle DD

THIS post on ToryBear made me laugh.

When the going gets tough there is only one man who the Conservatives need back at the centre of their team.

He's a man that could strangle you with a cordless phone...

A man who doesn't read books, merely staring at them until he gets all the information he needs...

A man who can slam a revolving door...

A man who doesn't wear a watch because he decides what time it is...

It's time to bring back David Davis.

I wouldn't be holding my breath, Mr Bear, if I were you. Keep taking the pills though!


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well, yes, it may be DD but it's also someone else..

Some say he can tell if you are Northern. Some say he makes whelks scream in terror when he goes paddling.

We only know him as..The Stig.

All Seeing Eye said...

Check out any "Chuck Norris Facts" website for all of these and more.

They are all amusing but not original.

strapworld said...

This whole disgraceful episode has highlighted what many have been pointnt out. That the next general election campaign (if there is one!!) will be the dirtiest ever.

If this has not proved to Cameron that he needs the big beasts around him and on the front bench, Nothing will!

Let us see if he is man enough to bring people back. Those we all know would hit home time and again.

We can only hope.

strapworld said...

Great News from the Telegraph.

I bet a few people must be feeling rather queesy!!!

""MP calls in Pinochet lawyer
Damian Green has instructed Michael Caplan QC, the solicitor who represented the former Chilean dictator 10 years ago.

By Joshua Rozenberg
Last Updated: 5:10PM GMT 30 Nov 2008

Damian Green, the shadow minister arrested in connection with alleged Home Office leaks, has instructed the leading solicitor Michael Caplan QC, the Telegraph can reveal.

Mr Caplan was called to Belgravia police station on Thursday afternoon and remained with Mr Green until the MP was released after nine hours of questioning.

A partner at the specialist firm Kingsley Napley, Mr Caplan is best known for his success in representing the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was arrested in London 10 years ago on a Spanish extradition warrant and released on medical grounds in March 2000.

The solicitor confirmed this afternoon that he had been instructed by Mr Green but would make no further comment. Mr Caplan has spent much of the weekend working on the case at his firm's offices in Clerkenwell.

It is thought he is currently seeking the return of papers seized by the police when they executed search warrants at Mr Green's homes and offices on Thursday.

Mr Caplan, 55, is one of the few practising solicitor-advocates to have been made a Queen's Counsel. A partner at Kingsley Napley for 25 years, he sits as a part-time judge in the Crown Court. He combines a warm and outgoing personality with a determination not to be drawn into saying any more than his instructions permit.

Jimmy said...

[i]Mr Caplan is best known for his success in representing the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet,[/i]

I was trying to remember the last time conservatives got this exercised about civil liberties. Thanks for the reminder.

Dick the Prick said...

To be fair bringing him back is a decent idea - can't give him home shadow but in the next reshuffle, why the devil not?

Haven't got twitter but .. ah, Fiona Bruce....

Anonymous said...

DD certainly wrote a great article in the Mail on Sunday today.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Political Betting is more than hinting that DD will return to the Shadow Cabinet before the General Election.

Should I put a few quid on it?

Anonymous said...

For all his erratic behaviour in the summer, he remains one of the most distinctive Tories. He needs to be back in the shadow cabinet in a strong role. I would have him back as home secretary, he would mince Jacqui Smith, and Grieve hasn't exactly lit up the firmament. Just get him to promise no more misbehaviour.

John Trenchard said...

DD is badly needed back as shadow home office minister.

however Davis is such a strong performer that i think he rather overshadows Cameron.

i for one can never understand why the Tories picked Cameron over Davis in the leadership elections. Davis is exactly the sort of no nonsense bruiser that the Tories need right now.

not an economist said...

Davis is very effective on Civil Liberties. This incident is crying out for him to be back in the cabinet making the running on it. Cameron is wrong to not have him back imho.

Anonymous said...

Is DD 'The Stig'?