Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Richard North of EU Referendum has finally lost not only the plot but what remained of his marbles.
2. Liam Halligan says we are being ruled by a bunch of charlatans.
3. Quaequam reckons Professor Vernon Bogdanor has gone mental over Damian Green.
4. Jane Griffiths fisks Martin Salter. And not for the first time.
5. ConHome reports on the selection of a 19 year old as parliamentary candidate for Durham.
6. LibDem Yorksire Gob lives up to her name and lays into Nick Clegg in no uncertain terms.
7. Fraser Nelson thinks our system of government has overreached itself.
8. LibDem Voice readers are also none too impressed by Clegg's reshuffle comments. Chris Rennard quotes me in defence of his leader. Never thought I would see the day!
9. Cranmer wishes his readers a Happy New Abortion.
10. John Redwood remains unimpressed by Sunday newspaper reporting of the PBR.
11. Tom Watson wants suggestions for 50 people who should twitter. And he's already got 27!
12. Jane Merrick on her new blog says thank God for Harriet Harman. Sort of.


Dick the Prick said...

What no Irfam Ahmed? Oohh, the floor is cold and lonely.

Dick the Prick said...

Twitter - you're watching TACGMOOH rather than the Branagh?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you about north. He just has a chip on his shoulder about the press. he would be better served just doing the business.

Anonymous said...

I've just trawled Redwood and if as he says --

"The PBR book shows the government is already borrowing more than 10% of National Income this year. You can’t leave out all the borrowing to buy banks and bank shares ... borrow a large £78 billion this year ... supporting book says it will be an eye watering £157 billion. "

Then the points do indeed need giving wider currency in the web

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire Gob's crass attempt at a critique has yet again made me cringe.

The problem with the Liberals is they have a very vocal and very raving left fringe element. They should really stop pandering to them and move confidentally towards the political centre. They can only benefit from a bit more moderation in their approach.

Dick the Prick said...

Yorkshire Gob is unreadable p I ain't getting paid to be a nerd. Bad design.

Think there may be some concern with Mr Dale's vortex into heat magazine. Ooh I am glad that Kilroy got beasted - problematic man. I seem to have developed an undue fascination with Lisa Snowden - this is where it starts!

Dad said...


Barroso "leaking" information again.

The programming of british minds to accept the UK joining the euro has begun in earnest.

Perhaps David Icke was right ;)

World government, world currency under a police state awaits.

nah ... surely not.

Dick the Prick said...

Chook - what if we just accept that we're just a tiny provincial nation that historically has far over reached itself? Still grow cabbages perhaps?

If the Yank gets us out of Iraq and the rest of them calm down for a bit then Euro Smeuro - drivel currency.

You gotta love Italy! Can't necessarily blame shite government on abject intention - too much credit!

John Trenchard said...

agreed on the richard north thing. his blog is compelling reading, but on the Green affair, i am very very disappointed with his angle.
yes , he is correct from a legal point of view, but he's missing the bigger SYMBOLIC political issues here.

and symbolism is everything to New Labour.

Jeremy said...

Re: Richard North at EU Referendum losing his marbles. It's a bit like one of those Russian dolls. Richard & Helen complain to the effect that Damian Green has been corruptly over-stepping his privilege by leaking to the media (not to parliament), for personal and political gain, material received regularly from a Tory-supporting civil servant at the Home Office.

The bloggers at EU Referendum, of course, depend on just such political leaks from civil servants at the 'already corrupt' EU institutions. But R & H, however, are not in thrall to the British media, nor to our EU-limp political parties and constitutionally ineffective parliament, nor - especially - to the 'likeable' Damian Green, who they will remember was formerly not only a national journalist but also an extreme europhile in his earlier political days.

There seems a great deal of black pot-calling and hypocrisy throughout this issue, from the government down, and likely more to come. Yet, is it not the case that the civil servant has frequently breached the Official Secrets Act and Mr Green is properly being questioned over possible procurement? The way the police went about it, of course, may also be a serious constitutional breach. Maybe no winners here - though I'm delighted the government is being put on the back foot.