Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tories Must Realise: Brown is Out to Destroy Them

Let's indulge ourselves in a small flight of fancy
David Cameron announced this afternoon that he would close down the Conservative Party. "I have come to realise that the Prime Minister is right," he will tell the Chipping Norton Times. "It is wrong of anyone to question the undoubted wisdom, knowledge and foresight of the Prime Minister. I reject any notion that the Conservative Party should ask why it is that Sterling has lost a third of its value in the last four months, or why a 17 month old child was failed by a Labour Council. That is clearly not the job of the Opposition. I have instructed all my Shadow Cabinet colleagues that they should, at this difficult time, resist any temptation to criticise the economic titans that sit on the Labour front bench. Just because the economy is going down the tubes is no reason for us to question why this is. Just because Gordon Brown has divorced Prudence and embraced Profligacy is no reason for the Conservatives to utter a single word in protest. Who cares if debt is spiralling out of control? Who cares if we get 3 million unemployed? If the Prime Minister doesn't seem to care, why should the Opposition? The Prime Minister is right. Opposition's role is to support the government in everything it does without question. It's what Marshall Stalin would have wanted.

Alistair Darling is 94.

OK, so do you get the point? If the media swallow this ridiculous line from the Prime Minister that the Opposition aren't allowed to question why Sterling has fallen by 30%, what on earth is the point of opposition? The Observer's front page today reads like a Labour Party press release. Quite incredible.

The lesson David Cameron and George Osborne can draw from this episode, and previous examples, is that it is impossible to offer Gordon Brown the olive branch of non-partisanship, because at some point - sooner, rather than later - he will use it as a stick to beat you with.

When Brown became Prime Minister I wrote in the Telegraph that the rules had changed - that Brown was the most political and tribal Prime Minister in living memory.
Forget all the consensual, government of all the talents guff: leopards do not change their spots and politicians who try to be something they patently are not get found out.

I see little reason to change my mind. He's only interested in one thing - narrow party interest. And it's about time the Conservative Party cottoned on to that. Last September, David Cameron wrote...
"We face an opponent whose aim is not just to beat the Conservative Party, but destroy it."

I wrote at the time...
Coulson's message to David Cameron, and indeed the whole Conservative Party, must be this: Gordon Brown is out to destroy you. It's no good adopting a defensive strategy. You can't just defend your ground. The best form of defence is attack and you must go in all guns blazing.

The last week should have provided them with all the proof they need that this strategy is now, without question, the right one. Passion, anger, attack. Because believe you me, if the electorate aren't angry about the government's mismanagement of the economy now, within a very short time they will be. And the Conservatives can be ahead of the game.

And to that little band of Tories who seem intent on causing trouble for George Osborne, what I wrote above is in part directed at you. When one of your own is under attack, you circle the wagons and start firing at the enemy, not at your political colleagues. Didn't you learn anything from the last ten fifteen years?

UPDATE: This Youtube video reinforces what I have said above...

UPDATE2: Jonathan Isaby has a post on ConservativeHome which has the same message as this one.


Anonymous said...

That really is a very good post Mr Dale. Well Done.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

This is your best post in a very long while.Excellent.

If this is not a rallying call to arms then I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Dont be surprised by the press being biases towards Broon and McLabour.

Here is the chain of command.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Iain - there are a lot of people out here who are blazingly angry with Gordon Brown, and there will be many, many more as the job losses bite.

No-one likes to hear bad news, but Cameron, Osborne, Fallon, Redwood et al must continue to treat the population as adults, and say it like it is.

Of course, it would be nice if the Boultons, Robinsons, Kites and so on of the media would start behaving like adults and recognise that discussing the problems is more important that playing yar-boo-sucks with the Conservative Front Bench.

Anonymous said...

Great post Iain.

It should also be noted that John Reid stepped back into the political arena this morning, Blunkett next? The Blairites are certainly circling around Brown and coming to his aid all guns blazing.

Anonymous said...

go for the jugular and kick his balls in as well thuggery is all the Liebour criminals understand

Stop Common Purpose said...

Brown and his Common Purpose friends are out to destroy Britain. You can find out more about Common Purpose here:

Johnny Norfolk said...

The Tory party must come out fighting. Do they care about our country?

Forget the leftie media, just say it as it is. The people know that Labour have messed up big time.

Foreget the broken society we have a broken economy and we need to attack like Mrs T did, its the only way.
Do not allow Labour to walk all over you. You need fire in you belly to fight them not a pleasant manner. Grow up.

Tory Boy said...

Well done Iain, very good post. Time to kick the Government in the proverbials. Reading this Dolly?

Anonymous said...

At last Mr Dale you have drawn attention to the hate-filled opposition that Brown has instilled towards the conservatives and the middle classes.

He is a low life arrogant bastard who should be hounded out of the country for thee evil mess he has created.

Anonymous said...

Very good post Ian.

You forgot to mention that brown is out to destroy the country too!

Conand said...

Well said Iain, it was especially galling to see Sky News helping spin the Labour line.
The idea that we have to suspend democracy because Brown is having lunch in Washington is not so much absurd as it is despicable.
Our national interests are not served by other countries laughing behind their hands at Brown's 'leadership'. As usual he is being crass, patronizing, stupid and malignant in a way that few leaders have ever managed in the history of the world. He is truly talented in this respect.
The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer would have failed in his duty if he didn't point out the realities of the economic situation to the people. You would have to be an especially brainwashed Labour apparatchik to deny that the pound has dramatically fallen in value.
Ever since the Northern Rock debacle I have constantly been impressed by the responsible nature of the Conservative opposition. Indeed many of us in the party were worried that we were being too responsible and allowing the Labour lies too much air to breath.
I wonder what the atmosphere would have been like if the positions were reversed and Labour was in opposition. Gordon Brown would have swallowed his pride and subsumed his partisan soul in his overwhelming love of this country and its institutions...b*****ks he would.

Anonymous said...

Iain - I totally agree with you. Since the return of Mandelson politics has taken a very dark turn. The worst thing of all is that it seems that much of the media (BBC, Sky and the press) seem to be in league with Labour. I have just watched Sky News only to hear Yachtgate being repeddled, George Osborne being blamed for any dip in sterling tomorrow and the only poll quoted being the YouGov poll. Has the media gone mad? It is so depressing.
Iain - please could you explain why you think this collective anti-Tory view has come into being. I really don't understand it.

Theo Spark said...

Brown must be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on, Iain.

The only way to deal with Brown and Labour is to take the attack to them. I have been saying for weeks that we should cut the "national consensus" line and go for all out attack on Brown's economic record of mis-management and obfustication.

Labour is bent on taking the country into financial meltdown merely for party political advantage whilst at the same time through their agents in the media trying to stifle proper debate and criticism by Her Majesty's Official Opposition

We saw evidence of Brown's partisan approach at PMQs this week; a bigger man, even Blair, would have immediately realised that he had mis-spoke and gracefully withdrawn his comments to Cameron but such is the insecurity of this "son of the Manse" that he felt that his position would be adjudged to be weakened by doing so. This is the man who is our Prime Minister; a man who appears never happier as each financial doom laden piece of news reaches him; who can make jocular asides about failing banks and appears to be inhabiting a parallel "Second Life" reality where he is a charismatic;respected and revered statesman whose word is held in awe by other World leaders for having single-handedly saved humankind from financial meltdown. A man who until recently was telling the country that the UK Economy was "best and/or well placed to ride out the global recession" - a recession that "emanated from the USA" and that such recession in the UK would be "extremely shallow"; a man who has presided over a 30% sterling devaluation ;who saw the UK Banking System implode on "his watch" due mainly to the failure of the regulatory systems set up by him when Chancellor and whose "cunning plan" is unravelling bit by bit by bit as he borrows more and more and more without any thought of how these vast sums will be repaid or whether they can actually be funded

And lastly to those within the Tory Party who seem to have learnt nothing over the past 15 years and seem disposed to ensure the Party spends another 15 years in the wilderness they would be better to either turn their fire on the government and particularly Brown who over the last 11 years by his mis-management of the economy has done the most to ensure that Britain is the worst placed to survive the current recession or just remain silent. It is they not Osborne who are doing untold damage to the party that they profess to support- if they honestly think that any other leadership would stand better chance of actually ensuring the Conservative Party is elected at the next General Election then they are even more divorced from reality than our present Prime Minister

Stuart Brady said...

Isn't this sort of what party politics is about. Of course the Tories should criticise Labour economic policy, and of course Labour are going to emphasise/exaggerate the potentially destabilising impact of Osbourne's remarks. I am sure Margaret Thatcher was out to destroy Labour throughout the 80s. Politics is a contact sport, deal with it.

I think the front page of today's Observer just shows by how much how Labour are winning the communications war surrounding the credit crunch and highlights the incredibly poor Tory response to it, plus of course GO's credibility drain. But of course GO or no GO, the truth is that the Tories are in a corner on this stuff because it is largely their playbook of the past 3 decades that is now discredited (granted Labour borrowed some of it, but at least they have other, deeper principles, intellect, and experience to draw on at such times).

Anonymous said...

I was in USA studying and working during the Watergate crisis and watched Nixon's character as his presidency was slowly sucked into
Watergate quicksand. He considered all nonRepublicans who were deeply sceptical of his intenstions were his enemies and worse than that as traitors to the country. His Republican party senators blindly supported him, no doubts whatsover.
In the impeachment hearing team constituted by the Seante headed by Democrat Peter Rodino, there were Repubicans, when telivised one could see the snap shots of Republican Senators supporting Nixon blindly and repeating Nixon's accusation on whoever disagreed with his statements. A pathetic sight it was.

Brown's behaviour uncannily mirrors Nixon's behaviour full of irrational, partisan and malice which assumes people are idiots at best and brain dead at worst and all this is to hang onto power. Labour MPs who know how pathetic the economy is, are behaving like Nixon senators calling any one who dares to raise the topic of Pound becoming the monopoly money or the abuse and death of a child occuured again in a Labour council as traitors.

But unlike Brown who is the author of boom and bust, Nixon's part in Watergate break in was minor. His cronies arranged 'the plumbers' to break in the Democratic HQ and Nixon knew about it after it happened, during a meeting at the Oval Office. Unlike ego-centric deluded Brown, Nixon provided very effective global leadership during YomKippur war and recognised China after secretly visiting Mao.

Brown appears to me as some one needing psychiatric treatment. He is a case for the institutional incarceration.

Anonymous said...

Iain: A timely and very relevant post. Your task now is to determine how you can increase the influence of your blog among Conservative party strategists.

DC showed fire in response to Brown's 'gutter-level' PMQ comments ... that fire MUST be stoked and spread to the entire front bench, other MPs and the entire party. The opposition party has a duty to shout down the media and expose the incompetence of Gordon Brown.

For the avoidance of doubt of others reading this:-

I am not a member of the conservativbe party.
I do not vote conservative.
I do not read the Daily Mail.

I do care about liberty, democracy and the state of this country.

The opposition must fight this odious government and the mentally-challenged individual that has become PM with no mandate from the citizens of this country.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Iain for your excellent appraisal of the dangers to the Tory Party by what is going on.

I have to say that I feel David Cameron's rise in the polls during the past year was due more to the UK media criticism of Gordon Brown rather than by much evidence of David Cameron attacking Gordon Brown.

However there is plenty evidence that recently somehow the BBC and the rest of the UK media has ditched bi-partisan reporting, and to put it mildly, has become the propaganda voice of New Labour. Perhaps the return of Mandelson and Campbell to the fold has something to do with it.

Here in Scotland during the Glenrothes by-election campaign the opposition parties messages were hardly reported by the BBC and the Scots newspapers but New Labour propaganda was heard loud and clear on a daily basis from both the BBC and especially the Herald and Scotsman who up to recently had been non-partisan.

To counter this David Cameron and his whole party needs to waken up and get on with a huge relentless offensive against Gordon Brown by telling the truth it as it is at every turn.

Welland Valley Broadband Group - Leicestershire said...

Well done. I despair at the people trying to bring George Osborne down. We should ALL be supportive even when we might not agree. Only one person wins by this bickering and it GB. Maybe Lord Kalms want Brown to win!.

The orchestrated attempts to discredit Osborne come from Mandleson. So to all the idiots who fall for this I say remember Brown is laughing his head off.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he shouldnt be speculating about the currency collapsing.

Its a dramatic overstatement of the truth - so to claim he is making some prescient forwwarning is just nonesense. Government bonds are still AAA rated.

It's irresponsible, because this kind of scaremongering is just the sort of thing that can start a panic.

So if he was even vaguely right, I would be with you Iain, but he isnt, so Im not.

Anonymous said...

Well done Iain. I agree completely. The Times in particular also seems to be attempting to censor bloggers who want to comment on their disgraceful handling of the Osborne non-story.
I have commented on three of their 'stories' and none have been published.
All were reasoned, and argued and the most insulting thing I said was that the Times was doing a Pravda impersonation.
I suggest we stop buying all newspapers, read what we need to on the web and blitz the BBC, The Times, the Guardian and other sites with messages demonstrating what a corrupt pathetic evil goivernment this is.
The internet is the only place where we can get a fair hearing.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Most excellent post.

Can the Tories please, please, step up to the fight, now? I fear if it is left until the run up to the next election that will be too late - we'll end up with New Labour back in power on a fascist ticket, opposed by equally unappealing parties like the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.32

You are behaving like the Nixon Senators I mentinoed in my recent comments. We are holding monopoly now.

Anonymous said...

Osborne should have pointed out that the currency has declined by 30% and left it at that. He achieved nothing (politically or otherwise) by speculating beyond that.

Old BE said...

What's taken so long?

Every measure, small or large, has been a chess move in Brown's grand strategy. Why has it taken so long for the Tories to notice what people outside the Westminster Village have been saying since May 1997???

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.32 - what part of skint do you not understand and why are they always bloody anons?

On the subject of floor to ceiling bookshelves - not only are they great but they also insulate your house - result.

Anonymous said...


This is a great post. I have not got a clue why anyone is attacking Osbourne from within the Conservative party. I don't actually know anyone who is, but it seems they are out there.

When Brown has to raise taxes significantly in six months time as he has borrowed too much. People will call Osbourne as an economic genius. He tried to resist the short term tax cut with sensible policy and would have been able to offer a longer term tax cut down the line. Labour are short term, quick-fix Government. The Conservatives are not. To agree with Brown on issues like this, letting him escape the news of the pound, would be politically stupid!

Anonymous said...

Well said Iain.

Richard Edwards said...

Of course. One of goals of the New Labour project is to replace the Conservatives as the natural party of government.

Brown is electioneering even with his fiscal measure. Helping 'families' etc while ignoring businesses...

Plus ca change.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Brady @3.23 says, "but at least they have other, deeper principles, intellect, and experience to draw on at such times."

My God! If you think brown and his cronies have deeper principles than anyone at all you are badly deluded.

Intellect? Where is your evidence for any intellect?

Experience. Yes they have that. They took over an economy that was growing, then decided to borrow more and more. Unfortunately the bubble burst.

Don't think we need their deep principles, intellect or experience.

Anonymous said...

"I am sure Margaret Thatcher was out to destroy Labour throughout the 80s."

Actually, unless I'm mistaken, she refused to cut the link between Labour and the Unions which would have achieved this. She also said prior to the 1983 election that the Labour Party would never die and that it needed reforming to get rid of the far-left influence.

Brown on the other hand comes across as a malevolent and uncooperative individual. The stories of him hurling phones against the wall say a lot about his personality. He may not be emotionally retarded as some have suggested but he definitely has a very unpleasant personality.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Tory Party must now focus on destroying the Labour Party and its support structure for ever.

Its a fight to the death.

Anonymous said...

Iain, next time you do the Sky newspaper review, can you please ask why they spent this morning headlining the YouGov poll showing a 5% lead for the Conservatives, whilst ignoring the one in the Independent showing an 11% lead.

Anonymous said...

Great post, great video.

What in 'hell's' name is wrong with the media, are they being blackmailed, threatened in some way?

Blogs, everyday conversations, leaflets we've all got to do all we can to covince our friends, colleagues and family of what is going on. The Conservatives have got to keep telling it like it is, of course it is their role.

Gordon Brown is very like Charles 1 in the lead up to the Civil War. Trying to be an autocrat, raising money through unfair taxes, ignoring Parliament, running foreign trade deficits, unpopular foreign wars, turning a blind eye to 'unfriendly' religions in our midst, and a constant stream of propoganda. In the end the people rebelled and their leaders got clever - we have to do the same, especially if we are to avoid a repeat performance.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is feeling nervous, just remember what complete Tory unity did to Gordon Brown when he was thinking of an election, it made him fall apart. Anyone who doesn't want another 5 years of Gordon etc should think about that very hard.

I suspect that the UK wouldn't survive another term of Labour government, it would be run from Brussles as they would say that we can't cope here. Thus there would be no Conservative party, as I can just see Labour legislating against an opposition as it damages confidence in the UK

the orange party said...

The media attack on Osborne seems relentless and well orchestrated which is somewhat strange given the fact the guy is just doing his opposition job and voicing reasonable concerns.
I smell the hand of the deputy prime minister behind this.
There seems to be a tad too much internal politicking going on and that loses sight of the real issues facing the real economy.
The dogged determination of Brown to recklessly borrow his way out of recession, leaving a legacy of debt, should be a gift to the voice of financial sense and sensibility regardless of party politics or political infighting.
God forbid but maybe the country isn't ready for a Captain Sensible (of whatever Party) and is happy with Brown's Flash Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Baldwin had the opportunity to sever the links between Labour & the unions but thought it 'ungentlemanly'.

It's never been a war for the Tories but the Labour oiks are so up their homemade ideological arses that they can't distinguish between what's good for the people and good for themselves.

Anonymous said...

OT Iain but regarding your previous your previous post about the Dartford Toll Tax, today was the first day the new fees were in operation and can you guess what happened? Yup, instead of easing congestion, it increased by about 200% on both approaches. Queues where backed up to the M2 on the southern approach, and where over the bridge on the Essex side as drivers had to fumble around trying to find the additional coins to get through. Bloody disgrace! Why does everything Labour touch turn to s**t? I'd love to say they don't have a clue, but I believe they do. They aren't incompetent, they're malignant.

Anonymous said...

well done Iain.
Many tell me that I surpass Judge Jeffries (the hanging judge) in my views.
So no surprise then that I would happily re-erect Tyburn Gallows, perhaps in the Dome, and HANG the treasonous, corrupt Labour Government and all its hangers-on. Perhaps a few Tories too.
Time for MASSIVE change - that is that Paliament finally, again, REFLECTS the real views of the electorate. THAT would mean the re-introduction of hanging; GB LEAVING the EU; repatriation of ALL foreign criminals whether or not they may be tortured or killed in their home countries; welfare claimants being FORCED to either work or PROVE their inability to do so.
NOT actually RIGHT-WING views. From what I read perhaps 75% of the population agree whatever their basic party affiliation.
Personally I am as they say TOTALLY pissed off and WANT some REAL choices.

Anonymous said...

No argument from me or anyone I know. They all loathe Brown and the labour party - really loathe them. Brown isn't human, speaks like a robot, his voice chills me. Go Cameron GO! It has to be done now!
There's something very wrong with this country and it is the labour government. Cameron! The votes are there foir you - you just have to say the right things!

strapworld said...

I agree, one of your best posts, although your logic is flawed.

Following your logic Churchill would never have been made Prime Minister we would have been lumbered with Chamberlain all the war!!

Come on. People like myself have been saying that Cameron had to wake up because he is now in a very dirty election campaign.

I have been saying that he needs real fighters around him. People that can and willput the boot in.

Not Oliver Letwin -who, let us never forget, went underground when he was criticised last election! What a fighter!

Or Maude or and the list grows.

But whilst I too, agree, that Osborne did well with Marr this morning. One swallow does not a summer make !

I could never have a backstabber in my team- you do not know who is next!

But on your general theme - well written

Colin said...


Chris Paul said...

More power to your elbow Iain. This is why you are our favourite Tory blogger!

Anonymous said...

Well said Iain, the stakes on the next election are huge and we have to pull together to win.

Simon Lamb said...

Who remembers the interview Alistair Darling gave in the summer (August, I think) when he said we were in the worst economic crisis for 60 years? Did that not count as talking the economy down?

Of course Labour will attack Osbourne. In their situation, what else can they do? It stinks that much of the media swallows the Labour line without comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and with a little bit of help from his friends.
Can anything be done to balance BBC political coverage?
Its current involvement in attacks on George Osborne and its deification of Gordon Brown as a global guru is an insult to license-payers,but importantly, it is a vote winner for the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

The Brown bounce, such as it is, is not because of his percieved economic capabilities. It is due to the victory over the Milliband Tendency. When a party fights amongst itself it loses votes, when it stops fighting it regains votes.

It is no more than 18 months to the next election, possibly much less, and criticism of GO is serving no one but new labour. It would serve the Tories better to fire at the enemy and incite division in the Labour Party. Target Mandleson over his time on the EU gravy train and Campbell over the dodgy dossier and death of Kelly, but most of all target Brown over his financial imprudence.

Yak40 said...

Brown and the media and Labour out to destroy the Tories.


Media and Democrats out to destroy any opposition in the USA.

No difference and thanks to the media acting as a Dem propaganda machine an unknown, inexperienced lightweight with some very unsavoury associates has been elected, 52 to 48%, to become the most powerful man in the world. A little frightening.

Yes indeed, fight back in any way you can, remember the left invented dirty politics, they understand how to obtain, use and hold power and it's not by being nice.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Iain.
It's the sort of message we should be hearing from ConservativeHome.
Fat chance.
By the way, Is Andy Coulson still in post as Tory Communications supremo? We don't seem to be getting much for his huge salary.

Anonymous said...

The most nauseating spectacle today was the sight and sound of John Reid on the Andrew Marr Show. He affected the pained and disappointed air of a ham actor to describe his regret that George Osborne was not "pulling together (with Gordon and NuLabour) in a crisis".

Cameron said he'd support the government's initial borrowing spree. But then Gordon continued to borrow more and more against unspecified assets and drive the country further into gigantic unsustainable debts without ever trying to economise anywhere. We don't even know who we're in hock to. George Osborne and David Cameron have a right and duty to the country to question Gordon Brown at any and every opportunity about the mess he's got us into.

The incompetent, unelected Brown is telling lies about the economy just like Blair told lies about Iraq. I'd like to shout at Brown over the Despatch Box and write articles pointing out how useless he is. I'm very glad Cameron and Osborne are doing it for me.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

What is also needed is to bring on the relentless attack dogs of the Tories... people who can fire salvo after salvo and humiliate the Scots Unelected Front Bench.

They are destroying this country systematically... and we are letting them. If Dave and chums read these blogs, then read a few more of these blogs and some of the comments on more Tory-biased sites. It will show endless disbelief at the state of the country under McBroon ...

Maggie may have had faults, but she had more b*lls than most. She could seek and destroy Kinnock et al with withering one-liners. Are there no decent scriptwriters of these put-downs left???

Come on, Tories - get yer fingers out and start landing some punches on these low-life thugs.

You have got to raise your game and show them up as the REAL nasty party. Get Redwood blasting out devasting facts and figures, Hague with some wickedly destructive repartee, Clarke showing them to be complete ar*ses, David Davies showing them as the traitors of this country they are undoubtedly are...

And then start on the role of the EU, Common Purpose and where do we draw the line with sovereignty. You might find that there is a nice big roar of approval from the huddled masses!

You cannot ever, ever let these people gain so much as an imperial inch, centimetre or any ground at all; they are all liars and rogues, self-seeking toadies who would rather allow 'human rights' of chavs etc than the life of Baby P.

Brown should be charged with treason for what he is doing to this country - he really should.

Shaun said...

I do, at times, wonder if we'll even *have* a next election.

Some economic crisis and a few small riots over unemployment or some bolshy Islamists rioting in Bradford or Burnley or whatever cold easily be hyped up into a 'crisis' that makes the holding of 'fee and fair elections' impossible, thus necessitating an extended duration of the current parliament - dependent of course, on the existing House of Commons voting for its continuence. With a Labour majority and a Labour Whip and Labour MPs with jobs on the line, what are the odds of such a vote happening?

And any dissent could of course be dealt with under the ample anti-terror legislation (crowd control laws) passed since 2001...

Anonymous said...

Good post, Iain.
Hope CCHQ takes note of it and the supportive comments.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Look at the positive comments Iain!
Fecking go and give it to them.

Anonymous said...

The Conservative Party is incapable of opposing this or any other government.

Having said they will follow Labour spending plans they were wrong footed on tax cuts first by of all people the Lib Dems and then by Labour!

Osbourne is a clown and worse for him a 'toff'clown. Cameron is now lost in his own world. There is no credibility in his oppostion to Labour. How many more open goals can the man miss.

In large part the problems facing this country stem from our membership of the EU. The life is being sucked out of the country as we get deeper and deeper into this corrupt organisation of people who hate us. They care nothing for us and are only interested in enriching themselves.

Unless the Conservative Party needs comes out with a programme of withdrawl from the EU. There will be nothing worth governing in this country otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Only hope David Cameron and co read it and marshal the heavyweights to back Osborne and lay into this appalling government.

Every one of Brown's obfuscations must be exposed outside parliament as well as in.

Anonymous said...

Go Cameron. The Tory Party need to let the attack go full tilt now. Gordon Brown is truly leading this country to ruin. Every way you look at it. We are in a nightmare situation and the mainstream press are way, way behind the curve. The seriousness of this recession has been caused by the chancellor now prime minsister. the tories must be united and lay this firmly at browns door. There just isnt an alternative. The lib dems need to grow a pair too and start attacking the government or Brown will destroy them as well.

Anonymous said...


Spot on. It really is time for the Tories to come out with all guns blazing. I'm heartedly fed up listening to the spin and lies of Nu Liebour. Sadly, too much of the media is all to happy to repeat what Labour say.

Attacking GO for stating the obvious is just pathetic. Adam Boulton asked Darling today why sterling had dropped like a stone. Of course he didn't answer.

I was intrigued to hear the political editor of The Sun supporting GO on Sky tonight.

Just a thought though. DC and GO would not be in this position if they had said from day one that the Tories were for small government, excellent public services, the lowest taxes possible commensurate with excellent public services and the eradication of waste. The electorate is absolutely ready for this message. They are fed up with the spin and cons of Nu Liebour.

Gird up your loins and blow this shocking rabble away.

Victor, NW Kent said...

Thnak you Iain, some really good advice for once.
The Beeb and Adam Boulton have seized control of the moving media which is now unashamedly and full-time supporting Labour.
It has become a thought crime for Conservatives to criticise the Brown regime at all. Imagine an accusation of being unpatriotic for telling the truth about a self-evident fact - the collapse of Sterling!
Until we stop playing nicey-nicey with Brown, Darling and Co they will get away with every kind of lie and subterfuge possible. It is a patriotic duty to oppose them and as fiercely and frequently as humanly possible.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Gordon Brown refraining from attacking the Major Government for their handling of the economy during the "Black Wednesday" crisis.
Labour did not worry then about "talking down the pound."

Moreover they did not mind making political capital out of childrens' deaths after the Dunblane massacre. I seem to recall Labour importing a Dunblane parent to address the Labour Conference. "Shroud waving for votes" I recall some journalist saying at the time.

Hypocrites all. Go for it David & George!!

Anonymous said...

You criticise Gordon Brown for being tribal (I agree), but you then conclude your piece by exhorting that "When one of your own is under attack, you circle the wagons and start firing at the enemy". That language isn't tribal in the slightest!

Iain Dale said...

I'm not sure I criticised him for being tribal, I pointed out that he is and the Tories should realise this and act accordingly. We got too used to Blair's more consensual approach.

Lola said...

Exactly, and about bloody time. They need some real passion into this, now.

Anonymous said...

If the Tories pick up only what is on the order-order blog today; the dismissal or contempt of the Wall St Journal and the NYT and the plunge of sterling even before Osborne spoke, they ought to be able to shoot enough holes in this government to sink it.
Cameron and Osborne have got to forget their upbringing and learn to street fight - even if it is difficult to land blows on obfuscation, spin, mirrors, smoke and pure self delusion.
PS Tell Cameron short questions are best. The best of all is 'why' when some crackpot answer has been given.
I really, really look forward to Darling's statement and PMQs.
Fight as dirty as they do.

Lola said...

Brown is a liar. He has contempt for the Tories. He lacks perspective. This makes him vulnerable. Ask short questions with no obfuscation and keep it simple (implying he is less than smart), and above all stick to the absolute truth. Do not try anything clever or smart. Just keep on keeping on about his total failure and eventually his own shortcomings will hang him.

There is only one defence against a congenital liar and that is the absolute truth.

Anonymous said...

I think this cartoon ays it best

Roger Thornhill said...

Iain, even Osborne is looking at the PR around this.

The Tories are now disgracefully Statist. They talk of new laws and tax changes yet ignore the EU elephant in the room that will prevent them from doing all of this.

For the Tories to oppose effectively, they need a firm basis from which to do it. "winning" or "power" are just not good enough.

wordv "quitagn"

Anonymous said...

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