Monday, November 24, 2008

PBR Poll Result

724 of you have voted in the last four hours.

Do you believe the VAT cut of 2.5% for 13 months will stimulate the economy?
Yes 10%
No 90%

Do you agree that people who earn more than £150,000 should pay a higher income tax rate of 45%?
Yes 31%
No 62%

Will the plans unveiled today stave off a long recession?
Yes 6%
No 88%

How long do you expect the recession to last?
3-6 months 1%
6-12 months 7%
1-2 years 47%
More than 2 years 45%

When do you think the next general election will be held?
Jan-Mar 2009 6%
April-June 2009 22%
Autumn 2009 8%
May-June 2010 65%

What do you expect the result of the next election to be?
Labour majority 4%
Conservative majority 79%
Hung Parliament 16%

Rate the performances of these three politicians in the Pre Budget Report this afternoon.
Alistair Darling Excellent 3%, Good 17%, Poor 44%, Dreadful 32%
George Osborne Excellent 52%, Good 32%, Poor 8%, Dreadful 5%
Vince Cable Excellent 10%, 50%, poor 23%, Dreadful 5%

Here are some of your comments...

* Not a natural Tory and never seen Osborne making a speech before but he was outstanding. The sort of demolition job one expects from oppositions.

* If Darling didn't have the cojones to stand and declare the alcohol rise it says a great deal about his character. None of it good.

* Excellent is not a sufficient word to describe Osbourne's speech. It was an absolute earthquake, probably on a par with Cameron's 2007 Conference address.

* It's time to start a very serious debate about rebalancing the British economy for the long term. Out of every crisis are a series of opportunities...


Mostly Ordinary said...

I do like on a budget thread you've screwed up the percentages :)

Damn that Internet.

disgusted said...

"It is confirmation of the time old truth that in the end all Labour chancellors run out of money and all, all Labour governments bring this country to the verge of bankruptcy.

"Stability has gone out of the window, prudence is dead, Labour has done it again.


Events dear boy, events said...

This is the day that Labour lost the election and vindicated Osborne's policy.

It also proved that Brown did not plan for a downturn unlike other countries, and the public finances are in an enormous mess.

Dick the Prick said...

OK - good grief it's gone up market since the last time I was at the Docs. No more Katona stories? Could be a rival to the Dec issue Iain!!

Anonymous said...

Its that dumb assed fat pompous potty labour bitch pardon me socialist baroness on the SKY papers again.

Thick so and so. Typically Andrew Pierce will not tell her to her face where to get off with her ignorant lying claptrap.

She is so dumb and thick that she does not see that everyone on £20,000 will be paying more taxes thanks to labour incompetence.

And she is so thick that she thinks that a few billion 10 billion or so is going tom turn a major recession round in a matter of 6 months.

She is so thick that she does not realise that the road haulage industry which feed the shops gets no benefit from the VAT swindle but will be paying extra fuel duty.

She is also so thick that she thinks VAT is paid on essentials - where as its exempt on things like food and childrens cloths.

Dick the Prick said...

Trevorsden buddy - in your (potentially) justifiable missive you failed to name her!!

Good stats on the poll - I think people will really get the message that this PBR was scheming, underhand, cynical and bloody expensive.

Me ol' dear asked the other day 'what are the Tories doing?' - fair question but were there 2 or 3 blatant policy thefts by NuLab today? Anyway, depress myself by watching Bremner Bird and Skint.

Anonymous said...

I just don't think this stimulus will work at all, the first indications of Labour's failings will be very poor retail sales figures at Christmas.

scott redding said...

28% of your respondents think a general election will be held before June 2009. I wonder, if you isolate those 28%, what was their answer to the "result of the next election" question, i.e. if the election is held earlier, do fewer people believe it will result in a Tory majority?