Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cameron Comes out Fighting

Did I detect a bit of extra spark in David Cameron during his interview with Andrew Marr this morning? Do read David Cameron's interview with Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times News Review. It paints a man relishing the fight ahead and with a clear idea of how he is going to take the fight to Gordon Brown. I'd say it is one of the best interviews Cameron has ever done. He talks about

* the position of George Osborne
* the ditching of the spending pledge
* Brown's scorched earth policy
* Brown's cuplability for the current crisis
* why the "it started in America" line won't stick
* if he underestimates Gordon Brown
* why it's impossible to eliminate Punch & Judy from PMQs
* why history rarely repeats itself


Desperate Dan said...

He was brilliant and didn't put a foot wrong. Its a pleasure to hear Cameron with a clear conscience expounding his views when we are so used to hearing Brown with a guilty conscience making his excuses and telling his lies. Its a comfort to know that he's taking advice from men who are UK citizens with the interests of the UK at heart rather than watching Brown bow to the advice from US citizens with the interests of the US at heart.

And what a contrast with Lord Mandelson of Pratts Bottom who's been taking sincerity lessons but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. Mandy even stole Boris' line about getting everyone to dance. The man is clearly incapable of original thought.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Look here boys, I am not a Tory. I don't like Cameron, I think he is spineless, but something he said made me think that I need to listen a bit more carefully:

He said:

I believe profoundly in cutting taxes and would like to do it as prime minister. I don’t believe in unfunded tax cuts.

The only bit that worries me about the above is that he said, "I would LIKE to do it".

There is a chasm between what we would LIKE to do and what we will do. I would LIKE to have vestal virgins feeding me grapes from their scented navels, but..

So, Dave, until you come out a bit more than "LIKE" you will worry me. Now I know that you are posh and that having your legs cut off would be described by you as "a bit of a nuisance" and that saving your best pal George by cauterising his wounds with a Zippo and some string would be all in a day's hike, but we need the right narrative.

"LIKE" aint it.

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

Meanwhile Ben Wright, on the BBC's website, writes, 'Gordon Brown has enjoyed being toasted in capitals as the man with a plan.'

Yes indeed! In every salon of note, in Europe and across the seas, wine glasses were dashed into fireplaces as a toast was drunk to The Right Honourable James Gordon Brown, First Lord of Her Brittanic Majesty's Treasury and saviour of the free world.

Or did I imagine it?

More to the point, did the BBC imagine it?

strapworld said...

Cameron was very good, but I do wish he would stop Marr from interupting! He did it when he was first leader by saying 'let me answer the question or stop butting in' but Marr does this to Conservative politicians but lets Labour and the Sainted Cable go on without interuptions.

But he certainly knocked back the Ken Clark question. Marr obviously thought he had him there!

But, fairs due. Cameron did look up for the fight.

John Pickworth said...

Haven't seen this yet... I recorded it and had a lie in instead this Sunday. Need to save my strength for the silliness tomorrow.

Daily Referendum said...

Totally agree Iain,

New Tory slogan:


Truth on economy - not economic with the truth.

Daily Referendum said...



Truth on economy


Economic with the truth.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Can't find it anywhere, but the Beeb are making sure we all get to watch Gordon brown's interview. Anyone know where I can watch it?

Daily Referendum said...

interview on the Andrew Marr show (38min 25secs in).

Lady Finchley said...

Cameron was rocking. And he looked statesmanlike - unlike that buffoon, Brown.


DC was excellent today. Stopped old jug ears setting the tone.

Mandy was full of generalities and soundbite.

Vince was just a bit irrelevant.

One thing confuses me Iain. What's the point of having a Parliament if everything is leaked to the press?