Monday, March 31, 2008

Vote in the March Political Performance Index

Each month I invite you to take part in compiling the Political Performance Index, which gives you the chance to rate how the top 45 politicians in the country performed over the last month. This month I have added Yvette Cooper and Caroline Flint to the list.

Please don't just automatically give high marks to the politicians from the party you support - try to be as dispassionate as possible. Obviously I don't pretend that the readership of this blog is representative of the country as a whole - 55% of you vote Tory, after all! So if you are from another party and have a blog, please do link to this survey and encourage your readers to take part. I'd like to get at least 2,000 people taking part each month. You should give marks from 1 to 10 (1 being the worst) for how you rate each politician's performance during the month of March.



Anonymous said...

How's this for a Beanism? (from the Guardian):

As a measure of the challenge ahead for his speechwriters, Gordon Brown's address to the Scottish Labour party yesterday was a pretty good indicator.

Speaking to delegates in Aviemore, the prime minister described how Nelson Mandela had been released from prison in "our lunchtime". As party members giggled, he paused before correcting himself to say that, of course, he had been freed during our "lifetime".

Ann Treneman seems to have it just about right: 'Gordon Brown: Stalin to Has-Been'.

Anonymous said...

"In our lunchtime." That was funny!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the old Labour leopard of the 80's is reasserting itself.

From Wendy Alexander's speech today:

"So this is the territory on which Scottish Labour will be happy to fight...Socialist against Nationalist."

Looks like Wendy just made another faux pas and handed the Conservatives the ammunition they need to annihalate Labour in the south.

And so shortly after giving the game away about the next election as well. You would think she would be more careful.

asquith said...

Well, I gave my usual fair and balanced scores. I was slightly more impressed by the Tories than Labour, but I won't be crucifying anyone. Except John Hutton and Caroline Veins Of Flint, both of whom thoroughly merit their 0 scores. (no one else scored below 3).

Anonymous said...

I would have included all of the Labour and Lib Dem rebels who voted for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty this month as a mark of special gratitude and respect for them.

However, above all else, the list is surely incomplete without the IWAR MPs:

Frank Field
Gisella Stuart
Mike Hancock
Kate Hoey
Greg Hands
David Heathcote Amory

And IWAR's Chair, Derek Scott.

Anonymous said...

I missed Tony Benn off my list. Though no longer an MP, he worked his socks off for a referendum too. He also came an queued with us at the parliamentary lobby prior to the vote. What a great politician he is.

Anonymous said...

I now only rate the Conservatives because I only rate the Conservatives.
I can't quantify how well a zaNuLabour message is delivered anymore. I'm just tired of them.

Anonymous said...

too complicated. i haven't heard from most of those bozos in the last month apart from alastair darling so the thing is a complet waste of time

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Auntie Flo. We've missed you.