Monday, March 31, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. LibDem Voice is twittering with excitement about Brian Paddick.
2. Ben Brogan is back, reporting on DD's allegation of Labour using Home Office advertising for party political purposes. Dizzy was on the case first though. And talking of...
3. Dizzy on the BNP, Tim Hames, the media and the local elections. Phew!
4. Spectator Coffee House licks its lips at Harman v Hague & Cable. Shame though that it will be Harman v Theresa May...
5. Red Box has a mad idea about Boris doing PMQs. Is he on something? Red Box, I mean. It's going to be Theresa, I tell ye. UPDATE: It isn't. Red face for moi.
6. Sleazebuster Cllr Paul Osborn strikes again in Harrow says Donal Blaney.
7. Shane Greer relishes the end of the BBC Licence Fee.
8. Rosa Prince on tonight's CPS/DTel event on new media addressed by George Osborne. Yours truly was there.
9. James Kirkup on the Labour MPs who should be injected with rabies.
10. If only Gordon Brown had heeded Jon Craig's ever wise advice.
11. EU Referendum on how we're dying for Europe.
12. Tony Sharp will say zis only once.


Anonymous said...

I haven't bothered to read the link because there is no excuse for Harriet Harperson to be paced as the opponent for Theresa Moron. Political correctness ---- so outdated --- and the Tories should dump it. Two fat middle aged girls with silk scarves and collar drapes and big earrings and necklaces to divert the viewers' eyes from the fat.

They should have run a killer against Harperson, like David Davis or Hague. Instead, "let's have an all-girls deal". And even if Theresa May is crap against Harperson, the Tories can claim it was a catfight.

So no point there, then. And they have just lost another percentage point on my likeliness to vote for them. Theresa May is a joke. She'll turn up in cute shoes and diminish the whole process, allowing Harperson, who may turn up in full body armour (after her visit to her constituency today) to wield the club.

Prediction, Harperson will have been handed a victory by the deeply, deeply, deeply stupid David Cameron. What world does this inept man inhabit? Can he find another Patrick Mercer to sack in the meantime to get some lumbering, outdated politically-correct headlines?

By the way, when has the next photo op for his disabled kid been pencilled in for? It's been a couple of weeks since the last one.

janestheone said...

and there I was thinking that the "Boris for PMQs" story was an April fool.

Anonymous said...

No Jane - its Chocolate Orange who is the april fool. I mean the Tories are 14 points in the lead so its got to be an april fool ... innit?