Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Our Kingdom explains why Alex Salmond should encourage devolution of the armed forces.
2. Global Warming Project praises the Tory MP who said emission targets are "absurd".
3. Norfolk Blogger on the differences between the Greens and Labour.
4. Liberal England suffers from an overload of Boris trivia.
5. Our Kingdom views Scotland from Kings Cross.
6. NHS Blog Doctor on misleading BBC headlines.
7. Dave's Part wonders why the left is so bad at being populist.
8. Cornerstone on why the Tories must make the moral case for lower taxes.
9. Tory MP Richard Spring on his time with the BNP. May noit be quite what you think!
10. Tory Diary predicts George Osborne will scrap the Barnett forumla.
11. Toby Harnden on how John McCain can win.
12. Dizzy thinks the anti-war lobby is immoral.


Chris Paul said...

Dizzy doesn't think that. He has hardly thought for the last couple of days. He thinks certain lefties who see things in black and white are immoral. Righties who see things in black and white are however heroes. Propaganda.

Iain Dale said...

Your blog is just one big propaganda sheet!