Monday, March 17, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. A happy birthday to Labour MP Paul Flynn's blog.
2. Adam Boulton & Jon Craig disagree about Gordon & Peter's vow of silence.
3. UK Polling Report shows why Boris is a happy boy tonight.
4. Richard Booth explains why Liverpool Council represents the Nanny State gone mad.
5. Red Box on the Labour Candidate who reckons he is Britain's Obama.
6. Stumbling & Mumbling on how gayers are good for house prices.
7. The Newsnight Big Fat Politics Blog on how Michael Gove is educating Dave.
8. Conor Ryan on what Iraqis think five years on.
9. Cicero's Songs asks if the LibDems are closed to the Tories or Labour.
10. Richard Spring MP on the John Lewis list
11. Norfolk Blogger doesn't like Heather Mills. He's in good company.
12. Daniel Finkelstein has some home truths for Tories on tax.


Anonymous said...

Britain's Obama doesn't seem to be too popular judging by the comments!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I am not the first to object that I find these lists a poor substitute for a blog.
Most refer to sites that are well known,and rather than develop the point raised by the source, are simply parasitic.
If you have too many other commitments to continue this blog to the standard it has previously set, you should simply admit it and move on.
I do not ask you to publish this comment but just take note of it.

Anonymous said...

Heather Mills is a perfect example of how far one can go with no talent, no gifts, no degree, no training, but with an ego the size of the Ritz.

What's so sad, although it's not our business (but we'll go ahead and discuss it anyway) is, every woman in Britain could see with absolute 20-20 vision that Heather Mills had a bead on Paul McCartney and that Paul McCartney hadn't allowed himself enough time to grieve for his soulmate, Linda, who clearly loved him for himself and whose death shattered him.

Next up, she'll write a tell-all book. It's probably in the divorce agreement that she won't, but she will. She'll publish it in the US or something. She is a truly nasty piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Plus, it says something about her that she never even became a gay icon. The gays on both sides of the Atlantic never took to her, which is a shame, because they would haved fixed that faux hippie long hair and picked out better clothes for her. She always looks so ghastly. Chartreuse is not a good colour for her, especially at her age.

Iain Dale said...

Weygand, I think you are in a minority on this. Most people seem to value this daily roundup. And for goodness sake, I have done 8 posts today. What more could you expect?!!!

Anonymous said...

Weygang, bugger off.

Sorry to infest this thread, but anyone who doesn't know that gay home owners raise prices in the neighbourhood is not paying attention.

One of my dearest friends in the world, who lived in the same neighbourhood as me in a large city in Texas, has written to me complaining that straights are moving into our old neighbourhood and bringing the property values down. He's quite irritated.

Our neighbourhood was - after the very richest area of the city - the most sought after because gay guys care so much about looks and show. Also, they love home maintenance, as long as it's outdoors and visible from the street. Up the ladder painting the window frames in their short shorts. Out there mowing the lawn in front in their short shorts in view of swank cars cruising by. We had the most minutely manicured lawns in the city. They were practically out there on their knees with their nail scissors ("Oh, stop!")

And let's face it, they have taste. Their places looked great. I had a rather drab friend who was away for the weekend and her house was broken into. The intruders had ripped out the carpets, polished the hardwood floors, put up new curtains and reupholstered the furniture. She never looked back.

Ted Foan said...

Weygand is definitely in a minority, Iain. But in fact he is not the first to comment on your use of lists as a means of "filling" or substituting for topics of real substance. (I have criticised you in the past for just those tactics.)

However, you have really picked up your game over the last couple of months. Even I enjoy your 'Daley Dozen' - when you are able to do it - and find the links interesting.

(Is that enough fawning? Make the cheque out to the usual account.)

asquith said...

Yes, Iain, I also disagree with Weygand's views. This blog has been my introduction to many other blogs, from which I've got worthwhile information and stimulating discussion/opinion.

It's a sign of a good, self-confident author that he has no fear in writing references to others, knowing that his own market share will hold up.

Anonymous said...

I woke this morning wishing that my post last night had been more polite - I apologise in the cold light of day for the tone.
Re the substance, you are obviously in a better position than I am to gauge reaction to the blog and perhaps I am simply wrong.
However, it was not the quantity of what is posted, but (particularly re the lists) the nature of it.
I note that over the last few days most posts have attracted very few comments, whereas over the same period some of those made by Guido, for example, have had hundreds.
Even accepting that most of the latter are foul-mouthed nonesense that can hardly be said to grace the blogosphere, perhaps this shows that stories such as Balls' comment at PMQs etc are more stimulating than lists.
Thus 6 posts in one day is not in itself necessarily a rebuttal.
Perhaps there will be a response to this exchange that will show that I am completely wrong; in which case my further apologies in advance.

Anonymous said...

If you work out what the divorce settlement is worth per hour of marriage, Heather Mills was earning at the rate of £700 per hour.

This is slightly less than she used to charge, when she was working the marinas of the Mediterranean, so no wonder she feels hard done by.

Anonymous said...

btw congrats on coming #28 in pink news top 50 British LBG politicos.

Below Mandy but above Portillo. A strange place to find oneself.

Anonymous said...

Talking of Heat Her, may as well have a little fun at her expense!

Anonymous said...

Verity ... is a perfect example of how far one can go with no talent, no gifts, no degree, no training, but with an ego the size of the Ritz.

Anonymous said...

Ms Whiplash - If her erstwhile colleagues are to be believed, Ms Mills slso made more than £700 an hour when she used to be flown on Adnan Khashoggi's jet to parties in Ryadh. She used to be handed an envelope with £4,000 in it, although to be fair, we don't know the length of time that covered. Otoh, this was 20 years ago when the pound was worth a pound.

Anonymous said...

1:15 - I apparently have the talent to write your scripts for you.

Anonymous said...

It also surprises me that it seems Mills poured water over Mccartney's lawyer in court and absolutely nothing happened. Surely that is at least contempt of court if not assault

Anonymous said...


I welcome your P.C. use of the title "Ms" but it's really not necessary.

I'm a bloke.

Anonymous said...

i recall an interview with HM in which she professed to having been suprised to discover that Paul had writen "Hey Jude". The secret of good acting is "the drunken man tries to walk straight". She is a terrible actress destined for a life of reality tv I guess.

I also noted that £13m of the £24m she was awarded was to generate an income of £600k p.a. This is based on the current long term gilt rate of 4.5% so she should be able to make twice that from prudent investments. More for her favourite charadee I suppose. That charity being herself.

Anonymous said...

Heather Mills said "I was the wife, and the mother of the child, of an icon". Which one? Mary Magdalene? Apropos. Or my own dear namesake.

God knows we both know hard it is "to make ends meet".

Anonymous said...

verity - she may have failed to make it as a gay icon but one day that leg of hers (suitably siver plated) will be venerated as a reliquary. oh and a piece of the true cross of her media crucifixion - maybe snippets of the Daily Mail for the faithful to pray to.

Anonymous said...

one slip up and Verity goes in for the jugular. There is a theory (which I dont ascribe to) that she is Iain's alter ego. Personally I think only one of them is a raving screaming harpy who has nothing better to do with their life than post endlessly irrelevant tory ravings.

And the other is Verity.

that was a joke.

Anonymous said...

bye y'all ,even big V.

James x