Sunday, March 16, 2008

DUP MPs to Bail out Brown on 42 Days?

Surely the DUP wouldn't be so idiotic as to save Jacqui Smith's skin over 42 days, would they? Our Kingdom reckons it's on the cards. If you know a DUP MP, do have a word in their ear...


asquith said...

DUP being authoritarian tits? No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

You hane not been paying attention. The dup favours internment for "terrorist" suspects ie indefinate imprisonment without trial.42 days is for pussies.

Anonymous said...

As a DUP member I hope this is not true, no justification for 42 days is available at all. The deal also appears completely unnecessary on the terms described.

However, sorry if I am not moved by the 'moral outrage' of Our Kingdom.

When NI votes could decide a UK wide matter lots of harumphing if NI goes against the majority view of GB reps about being outside the mainstream. However, A-Ok for the GB reps to pass whatever they like about NI regardless of majority opinion in Northern ireland ie sunningdale and anglo-irish agreement ie treat as outside the mainstream.

I would remind you Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems have expected Unionists not to detain terrorist suspects for 42 days but to sit in government with not suspects but the genuine article for the past decade. If we didn't we were threatened with lots of nasty polticial consequences. How is that fitting with civil liberties and mainstream british values?

Appeals to Unionists better nature lack credibiltiy when parties jump from "we have the same liberties/equal citizenship for all" on an issue when they are interested in then say "NI is different" as is political convenient for them but with no regard for Unionists concerns throughout.

Or to look at one of iain dale's complaints, terrible when those scots impose something on the english but who cares if the English, Welsh and Scots impose something on Ulster?

David Vance said...

The DUP are ingratiating their way into Gordie's favours. They are shocking opportunists, but then again if you will share power with the IRA, moral scruples don't exactly come too highly in your political priorities!!