Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Diary of Chris K on why LibDems don't blog more.
2. H H Asquith on binge drinking (and Brendan O'Neill).
3. NHS Blog Doctor launches a coruscating attack on the Taxpayers' Alliance and issues them with a challenge.
4. Donal Blaney says it's time to rein in the fat cats in both the public and private sectors.
5. Dizzy is spending the evening watching homo-erotic porn.
6. Wee Dougie Alexander is out of favour at Number Ten according to James Forsyth.
7. Cranmer on the rise of anti Anglicanism.
8. John Redwood tells councillors what they should do.
9. Liberal England on the VW Polo dog advert.
10. Taking Liberties on Brian Monteith railing against David Cameron.
11. Tory Radio on great political campaigning.
12. Tracey Crouch is shocked by her crime survey in Chatham & Aylesford.


Newmania said...

Dizzy is spending the evening watching homo-erotic porn. ?!!!!!

Good lord


If any gay peope would like to purchase the pulsating homoerotic romp that is 'Free Willy', I have a thousand copies in a garage in South London I want to sell.

'Free Willy'

AS much willy as you want and its free. £5 and I will mail a copy.

Anonymous said...

Being a little more mundane, may I agree with logdoctor?

My wife is a well paid NHS employee, one of the dreaded managers, but not a fat cat. She is working now even as I type at 10.45 on a Sunday evening. She started right at the bottom by the way as a single mum and worked her way to the top studyuing for an MBA on the way. I am very proud of her.

Her daughter is a GP and she has been working today catching up on paperwork (thanks new labour) in fact she regularly works an extra half day unpaid to keep her admin in order.

I am a tory voter and proud of it - the TPA with their scattergun attitude ruin their case. For sure I myself have nothing but contempt for the 'City' - absolutely a bunch of barrow boys. All the recent shenanigins makes me wonder how, with Mugabe like inventiveness, the guilty men will be rewarded for their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Dr Crippen might have declared his interest:

"GPs' average earnings for last year (2005-06) rose to £118,000, according to estimates by the Association of Specialist Medical Accountants, a 63 per cent increase in three years. "

I share some of his concerns about the TPA but I think they are pretty on the money with this particular report.

All public bodies publish senior salaries as do public companies. My own income is pretty transparent as my income is derived from a limited company that I own (pull report off Companies House website for £1) and my councillor's allowance is published on Ealing's website. It is strange that senior salaries in local authorities are not routinely published.

The LGA were quick to make a comparison between LA chief executives and FTSE 100 salaries. This is simply ludicrous. Most FTSE 100 companies make profits that exceed total revenue expenditure of most LAs. FTSE 100s typically have to persuade the public to part with their cash for cups of coffee, water supply, groceries, etc transaction by transaction. Local authority chief execs essentially work out what they need to keep everything going and then make an arbitrary charge that cannot be negotiated with no alternative suppliers. They do pretty much turn the handle.

Sure the TPA are a little sensationalist but that kind of is their job.

I feel my comments are quite measured considering I have spent a large part of this weekend dealing with NHS Direct and my (nameless) GP's out-of-hours service on behalf of my baby daughter. All for the bargain price of £118K compared to April 2006 median gross weekly earnings were £447 or £23,244 per annum. That puts GPs on 5 times average earnings Dr Crippen.

asquith said...

Iain Dale and Newmania are invited to my dinner party of infinite doom:

Rachel Joyce said...

I completely agree with NHS Blogdoctor, and I have posted on his site. The real issue is the rip off from management consultants in the public sector - that is where I see waste on a daily basis, and the unnecessary bureaucracy created from the DOH.
We need decent managers to get through this minefield. One decent paid salaried CEO in the NHS is worth hundreds of times their cost in management consultants - I can cite more instances than most TPA people have had hot dinners.
Perhaps one of them should try and run an NHS PCT or Trust with the rules and regulations they have to work with and patients' lives at risk. They might have a bit more admiration for a very tough job.

Anonymous said...

Well, i watch WWE mainly for Randy Orton (insert 'wolfwhistle')! John Cena ain't bad either!