Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Paul Waugh on why Ken Livingstone's campaign may implode on 20 April.
2. Fraser Nelson on why Gordon Brown's pants were on fire at PMQs.
3. Norfolk Blogger explains the difference between Labour in opposition and in government.
4. Le troisieme linie Whip a explique qui comprenais le President de la republique. Je crois.
5. LibDem Voice on a poll showing the gayers coming out for Paddick. Not this one.
6. Red Box on an imminent Tory breakthrough Up North and in Welsh Wales.
7. Cranmer on Brown giving into Catholics.
8. Nick Robinson predicts the end of the Barnett Formula. Good.
9. Burning our Money on the real cost of GPs' pay.
10. EU Referendum on the failure of the tri-partite system.
11. John Redwood on why we are all worse off.
12. Liberal England says the FSA is not to blame for Northern Rock.


Anonymous said...

Should that be "La fouette de trois lignes"?

Anonymous said...

Nick Robinson predicts the end of the Barnett Formula. Good.

Is that your Monkeys Arse raising its head again Iain.

How is the Monkeys Arse by the way.

You are wrong to say good though as by the time Westminster pays back all the oil and whiskey revenues sucked out by your party throughout the eighties Westminster will have nothing left.

Ralph Hancock said...

Well, it might be Le chat à trois queues, from an idiom shared with French. And then, in an ideal world, it might continue: ... explique qui a compris le Président de la République (cf. 'explains', present, in line above). Not that any of this matters.

Talia said...

should be "comprenait"