Monday, March 31, 2008

Oops: Why the Banner Has Disappeared

Just found out why the banners and buttons have disappeared. I had in my naivety assumed that Webfusion would take my monthly hosting payment automatically. Well they haven't and have therefore suspended the service. No email warning me. Nothing. They will have a very displeased customer in the morning.


Newmania said...

Ahhh now I can relax

Anonymous said...

Iain said "They will have a very displeased customer in the morning."

So you're the famous "Angry of Tunbridge Wells" then!

Anonymous said...

Web hosts seem to be the only people who don't take your money until you beg them not to. Must be some kind of industry protocol. Mine's the same. They are all rather nice people reallly, and they like to ask first. Sadly they didn't ask if you wanted your banner. Still, since your website takes three days to load, it might be a blessing in disguise.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Leave it as it is my ageing pc loads your page quicker. These all action adverts play havoc with my
Siemans senic circa 1929

Richard Elliot said...

At least we still have the advert for cheap Laithwaites booze......

Anonymous said...

Webfusion are awful - to cancel their 'service' they insist that you fax them a Webfusion cancellation form - not a form that you can download, oh no, you have to phone them, and IF they remember to email it to you, you then have to fill it in and fax it back - all with 28 days notice before the end of your existing contract!

No internet business that gives a damn about its customers would make it so difficult to cancel their service.

Worse, when you eventually get the form back from them and there's oh, say three weeks of the contract to run, they then insist, quite persistently, that you have to pay them for at least another month of service.

Steer well clear of the shysters.

Much better, even for this patriotic Brit, to host in the US - cheaper, better service and you're protected by the US First Amendment - so you won't get your site pulled by some lily-livered UK ISP after a half-threatening letter from the likes of Schittings, sorry, Schillings, lawyers to rich Russian bullies and sundry other dodgy characters.

Hosting in the US probably won't protect you (much) from UK libel laws, but at least YOU get to choose whether to stand by what you want to say or not, rather than having some ISP get the colly-wobbles on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Johnny Norfolk, get yourself a decent browser instead of Internet Exploder.

Take yourself off to and get yourself a copy of Firefox.

Once you've done that, browse with Firefox to and add Adblock Plus to your browser - then you'll get a lot less bandwidth and timewasting adverts.


Anonymous said...

Use instead, it's free.