Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Tracey Crouch highlights the Kent Labour MPs who voted for post office closures. Yes, that's you Jonathan Shaw and Gwyn Prosser.
2. Gavin's Gaily Gigest is not amused at the LibDems being "ripped off" by Henley Management College.
3. LibDem Voice asks if Labour has gone beyond the point of no return.
4. Ben Brogan asks the same, and praises the Tories for their return to iron discipline.
5. City Unslicker fisks the Brown National Security Strategy and finds it wanting.
6. Peter Diapre from Sky News speculates on Prime Minister Balls. No, really.
7. Conor Ryan asks if classes of 70 are ever acceptable.
8. Richard Spring MP finds it 'jolly blogging weather'.
9. NHS Blog Doctor on the finest political speech he has ever heard.
10. Patrick Hennnessy's Top Tory Toe-curling Moments.
11. Brassneck on new plans to reform the House of Lords.
12. Kiwiblog on Green plans to close businesses for the day. It could happen here.


asquith said...

Jim Knight might well get the award for the biggest load of bollocks ever uttered by a minister in this government. Caroline Flint and John Hutton can only dream of being tits on this level.

Anonymous said...

Does the return to Tory iron discipline include David Cameron's flouting the laws of the road?

Just thought I'd ask.