Friday, March 21, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Three Line Whip calls for Patrick Mercer to be made a Defence Spokesman.
2. John Redwood wants your advice on some moral dilemmas.
3. Westminster Wisdom thinks I am right. See how easy it is to get onto this list?
4. Peter Black AM explains the 'spinning friction' between Labour and Plaid.
5. Dizzy fears for his 'knackers'.
6. Unto Ed Vaizey and his wife a daughter is born.
7. Jon Worth has a map of the US blogosphere and wants one for Europe.
8. Conor Ryan looks forward to the NUT Annual Conference. Sort of.
9. NHS Blog Doctor asks if it possible for a politician to make a sincere speech.
10. LibDem blogger Quaequam on the stupidity of LibDem MP Nick Harvey.
11. Dan Hannan MEP explains why he'd vote for Barack Obama.
12. LibDem Voice asks how bad the credit crunch will get.


Anonymous said...

Why is Patrick Mercer not a member of the Tory defence team?

Perhaps because Patrick Mercer like Benedict Arnold reneged upon loyalty and embraced treachery with his lack of loyalty to his Party and his leader.

Such perceived treacherous behaviour that did harm to the Tory Party should never rightly be rewarded with the very thing that Patrick Mercer craved since he became a Member of Parliament. Such was the anger caused by his betrayal of trust that Mercer declared that one would have thought I killed the pope.

Mercer, said that when he joined the army in the 1970s the atmosphere in which recruits were trained was in many ways utterly unacceptable nevertheless nothing was said about this, it wasn't challenged, it was taken on the chin because that's what made you a man. He also said that suffering racial abuse as well as abuse about facial features, hair colour and weight was common in the Army, and to be expected. Because he did not challenge or condemn, the way it is in the Army, some people regard him to be a racist. Alan Simpson wrote: "How can we try and convince the electorate that we are a changing party if we still have idiots such as this in the ranks? "

I’m afraid Mercer was involved in too many scandals and each time the word "crass" was applied.

Best by far to leave him a backbencher the advantage is that a backbencher can speak his mind and less likely to inflict damage upon the Tory Party should he once again feel the need to employ crass statements unbefitting a Conservative defence spokesman. In short, I think that man isn’t faithful or trustworthy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous leftieboots - You don't know how tiresome are the socialists' misreprensentations of absolutely everything you choose to chatter mindlessly about, to the average reader here. What a jaw-cracking post! Do you think anyone read it after the first two or three sentences and seeing a long screed of more of the same below?

Your post alone has lowered the IQ of today's posts in the aggregate and it really would be a kindness if you could go away somewhere and take something that would render you comatose for several hours or days.

You are either lying maliciously about your perceptions of Mr Mercer or you are outstandingly naive. I believe the former.

Personally, I think if Mr Mercer were leading the party, at the next election, we would be in like Flynn.

Anonymous said...

Verity, if you want conformity to reality and truth then I’m afraid you will need to change your name to something more fitting, perhaps nincompoop because having scanned through your senseless drivel for which we are all the dumber we can but conclude by your dreadful orthography that you are a complete and utter moron moreover you were given a large brain by mistake, since for you the spinal cord would fully suffice.

Make whatever insults you like, you nasty insignificant little toerag, you are beneath contempt and comparable to something that I leave in the toilet each morning. From now on whenever I flush my toilet I will be thinking of you and starting the day with a big smile on my face. I will not return to this website to read any more of your childish nonsensical hogwash that so befits a patient of a mental hospital.

If I were given the choice to be a comatose patient or be exactly like you then I would choose the former and think myself lucky because to be a complete and utter moron for whom the spinal cord would fully suffice is to my mind a fate far worse than death.