Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Week in the Life of Owen Paterson

The Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary has written a fascinating account of a week in his life for ConservativeHome HERE. Owen brought a great deal of tenacity to his previous job as Fisheries spokesman and he is clearly bringing the same approach to his current post.

Diaries like this shed a little light on what a politician actually does. I hope there are more of them on ConservativeHome. Indeed, if any MP reading this would like to write one for this blog, just get in touch - and I extend the invitation to MPs of all parties


asquith said...

Owen Paterson's constituency (North Shropshire) is near me. I go there quite often, there are some nice places there.

Though I do prefer the south of the county.

rob's uncle said...

Vince Cable, my MP, described 'his week' recently in the Observer [Feb 24]: