Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Gavin's Gaily Gigest on the NUT's 10% pay demand. He's not impressed.
2. Lynne Featherstone MP has become a Twitterer. Some might say she always was. just joking Lynne!
3. Devil's Kitchen discovers a video of a Labour MSP on Newsnight who really shouldn't be allowed out again.
4. Donal Blaney asks why the LibDems don't stand against the BNP in Council by-elections.
5. Neil Stockley thinks the LibDems have glimpsed their narrative.
6. Waendel Journal thinks the Tories don't want to win the next election. Say what?!
7. Cranmer highlights the growing opposition to the Frankenstein Bill. Spin Blog is none to impressed with Little Ben Bradshaw's attitude, either.
8. Bob Piper says never mind the quality, feel the width.
9. Archbishop Cranmer died today. In 1556.
10. LibDem Voice looks at how many British MPs have no email or no website.
11. ConHome on the Tory Straw Men.
12. PoliticalBetting on the week the punters turned to Boris.


Anonymous said...

3 Devil's Kitchen. This clip is over 3 months old so it is not new to people who watch the Scottish "add-on" to Newnight (and was widely reported in the press).

Jackie Baillie is still Wendy's Business Manager, because doncha know Wendy was "cleared by the Electoral Commission" (she wasn't,but when did the Labour Party bother about the truth?).

Jackie Baillie is 100% English.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Actually, His Grace died yesterday in 1556, but he is most appreciative of the link in any case.

He would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Dale, for His Grace is aghast that he has reached a regular readership upwards of 25,000 unique visitors per month, and is thereby persuaded that many political sorts enjoy talking religion, and many religious sorts take their politics very seriously. And all those who insist that politics and religion should be kept separate simply do not understand what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop referring to this Bill using the 'F-Word' ? [Frankenstein]. I don't share the opposition to this bill that some have, so clearly I have a vested interest.

But I am opposed to GM Food, and would not resort to calling it 'Frankenstein Foods' as that sort of 'playing-to-the-gallery' language is not scientific and is unlikely to persuade or influence anyone of anything.

Use rational scientific or cogent ethical and moral arguments or don't comment at all.

Anonymous said...

Surprised nobody wanted to comment on this Charming Man.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jackie Baillie MSP! It is no surprise she is a disaster- after all, she is Wendy 'donations' Alexander's chief cheerleader, and i believe Labour chief whip. She does her best trying to shore up Wendy in the Parly- usually sitting behind her and happily nodding 'yes' to everything she says, and nodding 'no' to what the SNP say! In the first Scots Parly, a young twat of an SNP MSP called Duncan Hamilton (quite good looking for a nat!) said most of the Labour women were fat & hopeless! Forced to apologise by SNP, but it looks like the wee sh*te was right! Btw, another fat Labour porker called Frank McAveety missed a Parly debate because he was too engrossed filling his face with a Scots Pie in the Parly canteen! Tom Watson MP is in the WRONG Parly!