Friday, March 28, 2008

Poll Result: Where the BNP Picks Up Its Votes From

I'll be posting the full results of the Second Preference poll a bit later, but these figures are interesting. More than 15% of UKIP voters would give their second preference to the BNP, along with an astonishing 6.5% of Labour voters. Admittedly, this is a self selecting poll (1,300 took part), and I do not pretend it is representative, but nevertheless...

UKIP 15.2%
Labour 6.5%
Conservatives 5.4%
LibDems 4.7%


asquith said...

I live on a sink estate in Stoke, and to be honest it's surprising that there isn't more Labour/BNP interchange. The larger estates like Bentilee are completely dominated by the 3 letter party. On every estate, they are a fact of life. I know a lot of them myself.

asquith said...

My own second preference was Conservative in the end. It would have been Green, but not after that stunt with Leavingsoon.

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have Iain, is that a few people will have filled this in to make the results interesting.

But perhaps I am a cynic.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that nearly 5% of Lib Dems would give their vote to the BNP. Smells like a lot of BNP trolls simply hi-jacked this for their own agenda.

Scipio said...

Interesting that more Labour voters would support the BNP than Tory voters!

"Labour voters more racist than Tory voters"!!!

Actually, it doesn;t surprise me. BOth Labour and the BNP are authoritarian parties!

remeber Mosely - came from the Labour party!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I discern that you have an illogical bias against the BNP, hence your constant surprise that they even function as a party.

They are a part of the political scene, just as the monster raving loony party is (was?).

25 years ago nobody wanted to save the planet. It was off the agenda unless you lived on tahini and had poor personal hygiene. Now, even Dave is affecting the green mantle of earth-friendliness.

Today, nobody wants to talk about immigration - a mainstay of the BNP agenda. It spells death in politics even to discuss it, for the roads to Westminster are littered with the bodies of those who dared to speak its name.

Of course, the BNP does not sit well with your worldview. It does however resonate with many poor white disaffected voters in the inner cities who see "no-go" areas for whites, who see a government that wants to bring in affirmative action - disallowing whites from jobs and all the rest. It is a society that does not want homosexual propaganda paraded in the street. I is a society that desires criminals to be locked up. It is a society that does not want Islamic sedition. And the rest.

Unless the mainstream parties address these un-PC issues and get used to speaking freely again, the BNP and extremist parties like it, will exist.

The only hope, for all the liberals and the scapegoaters, is to get used to allowing debate in public about contentious issues, such as race and sexual orientation without applying all the semantic tricks (calling everything one disagrees with "phobic") that shut down opposition.

For it is only through exposing controversial political positions to the rigour of debate that you will achieve a true consensus, and not what we have now, which is what people say in public and what they really think in private:

The results of your poll illustrate my last point.

Scipio said...

Interesting that more Labour voters would support the BNP than Tory voters!

"Labour voters more racist than Tory voters"!!!

Actually, it doesn;t surprise me. BOth Labour and the BNP are authoritarian parties!

remeber Mosely - came from the Labour party!

Anonymous said...

My first choice was UKIP, my second pref was BNP. I don't think either of them was a good choice, but I do think that we need to break the system so that the three mainstream parties are forced to reform themselves so that we get a real choice.

Croydonian said...

Even before getting on to the problems with self-selecting polls, I think you need to show the raw numbers as well as the percentages.

Iain Dale said...

Croydonian, these will be shown when I publish the full poll in a bit.

Anonymous said...

It is a self-selecting poll, and it is not representative. Save the 'nevertheless'. Any broader conclusions you draw will be invalid.

Yak40 said...

Yalland remember that Nazi is an mnemonic for National Socialist German Workers' Party...

The BNP, like it or not, is the only party that spells out its policies on issues soft-pedalled by the main three parties e.g. immigration, outsourcing of jobs abroad and so on. As long as these issues are ignored they will fill the vacuum.

Anonymous said...

12:11 - You think BNP "trolls" (I've never come across this socialist phenomenon outside Labourites, but live and learn) frequent Iain Dale's Diary?


Newmania said...

There was Poll quoted both in "Whats Left" and "the Likes of Us" showing that 35% of Labour voters choose the BNP as a second preferece in the real world.

This was a proper sample and this threat has been responsible for a lot of Labour noises ever since Ealing . Have a good look back at that result Iain and see how well the BNP did.

I do not go along with this horrified squeamishness about the BNP. I do not like their racist beliefs but I approve of the nationalism and feel most uncomfortable at the hatred directed at them. Their views are not as racist or communitarian as Muslim beliefs and it is after all their country.

I would never vote for them or support them but I do not turn my bacl on working class nationalism however ugly its expresion may be .

Anonymous said...

Very brave of you to publish such a damning indictment of the Conservative Party, Iain, that people who are natural Conservatives (UKIP voters) feel obliged to pass their vote to a left-wing socialist BNP simply because the Tories are too cowardly to commit to leaving the European Union. I would have thought you would want to keep that under the carpet!

Anonymous said...

Based on your 1,300 turnout figure, this suggests that you found approximately (rounded to nearest whole number - you will have the exact figures):

46 Tory voters who would vote BNP 2nd pref.

8 Labour voters who would vote BNP 2nd pref.

7 Lib Dem voters who would vote BNP 2nd pref.

11 UKIP voters who would vote BNP 2nd pref.

Given this, and the unrepresentative nature of the poll, I'm not convinced the Labour figure is "astonishing". I'm mildly surprised you could find 46 Tories who would vote BNP 2nd preference, though.

Scipio said...

Yak 40 - Indeed - it is my firmest of beliefs that Hitler was a socialist!

Did you know for example that Hilter's expansionist belief in a 'Greater Germany' was fuelled by Engells, and that his anti-semitism was fuelled by Karl Marx (who hated the Jews even though he was one, because he was ostrecised by them after his father converted to Christianity)!

Oh yes, those great bastions of Socilaist thinking inspired Hilters rabid warmongering and hatred of the poor Jews of Europe.

Curiously, The NAZI party only became the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei after 1920. Until then it was just the Deutsche Arbeitspartie (German Workers Party)! Hitler added in the 'socialist' bit.

His economic policies were clearly socialist. He disliked capitalists, the rich, the church and just about evryone else.

Just reading Hilter's own words show he was a socialist (quotes avaialble) - but just not an internationalist. He was a nationalist - i.e. a national socialist!

Newmania said...

The Labour figure is actually very low compared to the real Labour voter second preference BNP %(35%)

Iain would get almost no heartland Labour vote visiting his site or indeed any site .It means nothing

Anonymous said...

Given that all other candidates are not going to change anything anyway and will ignore their actual voters as usual, once safely installed at the trough, erm, in office I mean... consider the BNP votes as protests -- true, they won't do anything much either but it's the only thing left to the voter to really annoy the politicians with.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong there Newmania, but yo'd be right to think I didn't take part in the "vote"!

I come here to pass the time and get material for my comedy act.

asquith said...

Just for once in my short life, I agree with Newmania. If all the red-as-they-come, been members of the Labour party for 10000 years types from round here came, they'd be leaning very heavily to the BP. But none of them have got the internet. Or a car :)

Newmania said...

You're wrong there Newmania, but yo'd be right to think I didn't take part in the "vote"!I come here to pass the time and get material for my comedy act.

How about this .

Q-Why is the weather in Manchester like Iraq
A-Sometimes its Sunni but mostly its shiite.

I just thought as a leftie comedian you might need some help. How does it start..” Hear the one about the quasi imperialist oligarchical big business military nexus conspiracy ....hey where did they all go ...?”

What about Bernard Mannings line , “ saying when someone comes to Britain then they become British is like saying if you put a dog in a stable it’s a horse...”

That’ll go down well...:)

Right of to the battle-cruiser for me

Anonymous said...

Freedom to Prosper
I have always lived and worked in Working Class areas since leaving home and it never ceases to amaze me how Right Wing Labour voters are. So why are people shocked by these results?

wonkotsane said...

I'd be more interested in 41.4% of Tory voters choosing UKIP if I was a Tory, Iain. Camoron's lack of action over the EU Constitution and his eurofederalist tendencies will drive more Tories into the arms of UKIP as times goes on.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Mick said...

O.k I have read a few posts and I must say that I would never vote for BNP or UKIP but and its a big but, I have to say The goverment that we have and had have done NOTHING for the Enlish people exept try to get rid of our identaty and give us a euorope one insted. The labour, cons and libs all have the same agenda and that is to get the foreners in then make them U.K resident so they can swing the E.U votes because we the Enlish Keep saying NO.
As it stands at the moment if we want to keep England English then we need to vote BNP or UKIP.
I used to vote labour but not any more and never again SHAME on them for not letting the ppl who fight for this country live in it but they have no problems letting the ppl that do nothing but complain about England.
I will never vote labour again!!