Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Has Ben Brogan been on the sauce? He reckons Dave is getting his inspiration from Jimmy Carter!
2. Burning our Money explains Stop-Go government.
3. Nich Starling reckons some LibDem bloggers are more equal than others.
4. Stephen Tall is not sure about the Kramer jobshare idea.
5. Nadine Dorries MP asks Michael Portillo not to speak on her behalf. Ever.
6. Quaequam is bemused by Nigel Farage's election as President of Russia. As well he might be.
7. Vicky Ford thinks the EU Referendum bodes ill for Harlow's Labour MP.
8. Glyn Davies on how he is losing a PR battle with Lembit Opik. He also has a report from the Welsh Tory Conference.
9. Ed Vaizey cries God for Prince Harry.
10. Dave's Part profiles the likely new Labour Party General Secretary.
11. Edland asks: What's 2% between friends?
12. Freedom & Whisky wants to go where the work is. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Can that post from Nadine Dorries really be classed as one of the best of the blogs today? If so, how depressing.

She says she doesn't believe Michael Portillio knows ANY Conservative MPs. That's such a nonsensical statement. He knows countless MPs and served with many. She even goes on to mention Whitto Whittingdale, and anyone who saw the BBC Four documentary will have seen they he and Portillio go way back also.

She writes rubbish. But it somehow qualifies as one of the best of the blogs. Can I suggest Iain that if finding 12 quality posts is a bit tricky, maybe trim it down to Dale's Half Dozen!

Anonymous said...

Given the extent of nepotism in the media, is Ben Brogan any relation of Dennis Brogan, star and all round knowall on the BBC's Home Service's Brains Trust in the Fifties?

Anonymous said...

Ben Brogan thinks Dave is fashioning himself on the dated failure Jimmuh Cahduh? How odd. It was under Carter's watch that the Iranian Revolution took the American Embassy in Teheran, and the Americans who were in there at the time, as hostages. For how long? Over a year? The only person who got hostages out was EDF's (private company)founder H Ross Perot, who sent fighter helicopters in for his men, and got them.

And the instant Ronald Reagan had sworn his oath of office and Jimmuh was no longer president, the Iranians released the hostages? That same Jimmuh?

It is sadly all too obvious that Dave is now positioning himself as a White Obama.

Dave was not born in Kenya. Check!

Dave did not go to one of the two major American Ivy Leagues! - but did go to Oxbridge, so no check there. Balances out.

Dave is not of "mixed heritage", so doesn't qualify as an outsider come to save the planet. But is watching carefully. Being a Bullingdon Boy might serve as a negative if he was dragged into it against his will.

Dave has, at the age of 40-something/50-something? not held any prestigious position anywhere, whereas Obama was the editor, I believe, of the Harvard Law Review. I think Dave did PR for a TV company. That's like being a car salesman in a prestigious showroom. It doesn't count as serious. Obama, who I cannot stand, at least served in the governance of the state of Illinois, in an elected position. How much confidence have voters ever shown in Dave, over a period of time?

Also, the American electorate is not the British electorate and Americans have different codes and values. But Dave is copying Obama. Dave has no ideas of his own. He sacks Patrick Mercer, a brave soldier. (Dave's never served his country.) Where is our Prince Harry in Dave's calculations?

May I, courtesy of Iain's blog, direct people temporarily - they should come back instanter - to and read TGF Ukip.

He makes a killer point.

Paraphrasing, Cameron does not carry the Conservative gene. The lefties are creeping forward. Dave is of their number.

Why would you vote to defeat everything you believe in? Dave will be OK, though.

James Schneider said...

Iain, there's no link for freedom and whiskey at 12.
Otherwise, thanks for another great round up. I particularly look forward to Mr Farage working closely with Vlad, furthering national greatness and the Thatcherite economic agenda.

asquith said...

I agree with anonymous at 11:32pm. I've got no idea what Nadine Dorries is trying to say. Is she suggesting that she herself supports the death penalty, or just making some general disjointed ramblings?

Paul Linford said...

Maybe I've been on the sauce as well Iain - the Carter/Cameron analogy also appeared in my weekly column published in the Newcastle Journal on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Can that post from Nadine Dorries really be classed as one of the best of the blogs today? If so, how depressing.

Agreed, agreed. What does she have on you, Iain? Because no matter how many chances I give her blog - and you do mention it quite a bit - it continues to be full of badly written, ill-thought-out bilge better suited to a pub bore than an MP.

Anonymous said...

The Dorries article is completely bizarre. I should think Portillo, whether he knows any MPs or not (and, of course he does), is right when he says at least half the Tory MPs would vote against capital punishment. At the very least I hope he is right!

Or does she know better, and are we about to come out for capital punishment? My membership card for one gets torn up if we do.

Was she on the sauce when she wrote it? It's like a Newmania post elected to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Since there's a growing concensus on this thread that the Dorries post was complete rubbish, maybe Iain could explain his rationale for including it in the reputable Dale's Daily Dozen!?