Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wanted: Foreign Correspondents for TOTAL POLITICS

TOTAL POLITICS, the magazine I am launching in June is looking for correspondents in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We'd be looking for occasional freelance features on elections and political campaigning developments in each country or region, with the possibility of interviews and commissioned profiles. We already have a correspondent in Washington, and hopefully Moscow and New Zealand. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please send me an email.

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Anonymous said...

When I read this I already thought we had these teams in our area since 2005 - and we do!

Are Labour so bankrupt of ideas that they have to reannounce the same things time and time again!

How many other announcements are just the same things announced again and again and again!

asquith said...

Brilliant. I'll get myself a job on the magazine's staff.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Iain wonderfully pompous. What he means is please will any employed journalists occasionally write for my magazine?

Anonymous said...

You could always ask Verity to be your correspondent - she's from another planet

Greater Manchester Fabians said...

What do you think of the national strategy for housing in an ageing society ?


Or is this a policy free zone?

Anonymous said...

I'll cover NE Hampshire, okay?

Why not adopt the Macdonalds approach and flog off area franchises, which can then be sub-divided ad infinitum?

Chris Paul said...

Is Manchester Foreign enough for ya?

Anonymous said...

Asquith...Stoke-on-Trent isn't abroad!

Or is it? Gary Elsby comes from there and he's on another planet.

Anonymous said...

Bloody typical, Iain; nobody is needed by you in Canada, which is, IMHO, the most important country to watch outside the USA and EU if you are interested in global politics, and is far more important than Australia or Rome.

To give just five examples of what British commentators have missed because they dismiss Canada as 'boring' and, like you, cross the Atlantic to visit Washington but never go to Ottawa;
1) Paul Martin's fight to replace Jean Chretien, which was uncannily similar to Gordon Brown's struggle against Tony Blair and will have the same outcome
2) Canadian refusal to join Bush and Blair's crusade against the infidels in Iraq, in spite of the extraordinary pressure Chretien came under and the very large cross-border trade that was threatened. Have you ever wondered why the Canadians and not the British or Australians have the backbone to tell the USA "thanks but no thanks"?
3) the Neocon Reform Party under the Baptist Preston Manning, which is now in government in Canada through Reformer Stephen Harper, preceded Baptist Bush and Cheney. And it was a Neocon Canadian, David Frum, son of a TV journalist, who coined Bush's 'Axis of Evil' nonsense
4) Canadian troops in Kandahar are fighting alongside British troops in Helmand, just as they fought on Vimy Ridge in 1917 and in the Reichswald in 1945
5) Quebec's struggles to get out of Canada have important lessons for understanding our SNP
6) etc, etc, etc

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

I live Oop Norf... Is that foreign enough for a London-based politics magazine? It's slightly more accessible than North Korea...

Anonymous said...

The pilot schemes were announced a few years ago. Now the pilots have proved successful the plan can be rolled out nationally. Funny, yesterday DC was claiming this policyas a gimmick, yet here it is being rolled out. Not reheating
at all.

But I tell you something about re heating. Cambo today has criticised the idea of expanding Sharia law in the UK, after comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury in late January.

Can some one please in for Marly Man that that debate took place 4 weeks ago.

Manfarang said...

Thailand- Senate election March
More later from your Bangkok Correspondent.

Manfarang said...

Don't worry they are just going back to their bases now that democracy has been restored.

Anonymous said...

I guess you count Edinburgh as foreign these days?

Anonymous said...

Sea Shanty Irish here:

Suggestion of a correspondent in CANADA is very good, even if you reject the ideological perspective of the poster who suggested it, for the reasons mentioned.

Also think you should consider having a US contributor from BEYOND THE BELTWAY. Just too big a country and too much happening to rely totally on a DC pundit.

My final piece of free advice is to recruit someone to cover EASTERN EUROPE which is an exciting laboratory for emerging democracy and electoral politics.

Newmania said...

Hey I `ll do Lewes ( Dons flak jacket) *best BBC plonking voice*

There has been an uneasy stand off here all nigh, as the artists colony , holding waving ceremonial sandals aloft , have goaded the University lecturers . Meanwhile within their knocked through mediaeval cottages , writers of children’s books cower unwilling to face the sectarian abuse of the last week . Before them all the chilling mural of the crossed Brompton Folding bikes mark out the commuters territory which their informal militias patrol with ill concealed menace ....

With me now , in sillouhette I have the feared leader of the Anti parking Meter Death Squad so called Quarter-master X

“ Errr thats continuity Parking meter death squad. actually”

“Looks like the violence is about to errupt here Iain , back to you at the Boy reporter hiring couch..”

GEE us a job. I can do that ...go on..I can do that

Anonymous said...

Iain, suggestions for Oz:

Annabel Crabb at the Sydney Morning Herald if you want someone sexy brunette and amusing.

Janet Albrechtsen at The Australian if you want a sexy blonde hornbag who makes Melanie Philips look like a lefty. She must be looking for a new audience as she staked all her gumnuts on a Howard win and lost.

Anonymous said...

Do you not need anyone in poor ole norn Ireland??

sob. no body wants us.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:55
I too would like to hear more about Canadian politics. If for no other reason than they seem to take a very liberal European line on a lot of matters. It would be interesting to hear more about how they are faring.

As an Aussie I am always suprised that Australian politics gets such a big look in the UK. Why not the Canadians?

Okay Aussies play cricket but not much into English football and Canucks neither. I suspect the coveted 2 year gig as Aussie correspondent for The Times et al might have something to do with it.

I feel Verity might have something to say on this question?

Anonymous said...

I think you should give Newmania the gig - man I really felt like I was there in the action. I even found myself crossing my legs to disguise my union jack underwear in case I was found out. Talk about a full frontal line correspondent.

One question: where the f*** is Lewes?

Hope it's not in the Maldives where I am going for my hols. Should I take a gun? Or just a shovel?

Anonymous said...

North Tyneside

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Newmania is a minority tendency even in Lewes.

asquith said...

I'll sit next to Brute Anderson and clinically sane Melanie Phillips in the office.

Tapestry said...

No Moscow correspondent?

Only pro-Putin reports required, or death follows shortly.

Total Politics, Russian style.

asquith said...

Janet Street Paw-er, Kevin Maguire, James Delingpole, the ghost of Enoch Powell, and Gary Elsby have all got themselves jobs on the staff. Them and all their relatives.

Anonymous said...

If you want a modest, moderate, impartial, balanced correspondent for Mexico then surely Verity would be ideal.

The Remittance Man said...

I can do an occasional peice on on the Kleinkudoeskop Horticultural Society if you like. Some of their meetings can get pretty intense, especially if Tannie Hettie gets onto the subject of begonias.

I would also offer to do the odd peice on the transactions of the Interdenominational Theology Discussion Group (aka The Kleinkudoeskop Philosophical Society) but rarely have I ever left a meeting able to remember what went on.