Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Phil Taylor has yet another example of Ken Livingstone's mendacity.
2. Liberal Burblings has a burble on Ming's memoirs.
3. Biassed BBC is angered by the 'Andrew Marr Love-in'.
4. Homosexuality good. Church bad. Archbishop Cranmer explains...
5. Tracey Crouch's day in the life of a parliamentary candidate.
6. Ben Brogan explains the silence of The Speaker.
7. Donal Blaney says tax doesn't have to be taxing.
8. Baroness Ros Scott reports from the Welsh LibDem Conference.
9. An Englishman's Castle is not sure about Ireland's Eurovision entry.
10. Hopi Sen on political fashion.
11. Mr Eugenides on the costs of spending a penny.
12. Dan Hannan wants you to lobby Parliament on the 27th.


Anonymous said...

Re public loos:
The LB of Richmond is funding a scheme for local pubs and stores to open their facilities to the public. (adverts on lamp posts etc.)
Hundreds of establishments have elected to welcome those "caught short" and they are rewarded with £600 per annum.
Richmond reckon this will cost them £40,000 per annum, which is far cheaper than maintaining grotty public loos.
Seems a good idea, but I understand Cottagers are planning a march on Whitehall. They'll be placing a wreath outside John Gielgud,s old home behind Westminster Abbey.

Newmania said...

Good discussion of Shami Chakrabati on biassed BBC I spake thusly
"Liberal left is a oxymoron and Chakrabati is a boring pain in the neck who not only represents no-one but represents an entirely fictional point of view . It i , of course , impossible , to deliver leftist objectives like uniformity of outcome without coercion and this well documented fact renders her entire output a self deluding waste of time .
There is a further point about Liberty which is that it is saying virtually nothing to be in favour of Liberty . Which Liberty? The freedom to migrate into the country or the freedom to protect what you regard as yours. The freedom to use your wealth to steal other children’s opportunities or the freedom to pay for a better education . I find she does not engage in these subjects art all and in fact follows a typical left dogma with a few add ons about surveillance which almost everyone agrees with.
She is actually a Liberal and would eb ata home in the Liberal Party , it is a acceptable face of dissent if it is dissent at all for the BBC and she is a positive evil. I want her off the screen and I want BNP who may well wins seats at the London assembly on the screen
That’s freedom and it will not always be an acceptably pigmented squeaky zero requesting that the state stops a tad short of reducing us to battery chickens
newmania | 25.02.08 - 9:20 am | #

Anonymous said...

There is no such person as Baroness Ros Scott, regardless of her URL. I think you mean Ros, Baroness Scott.

Anonymous said...

Sunday's Observer diary had a very funny story that the Dept of Health has made an average of 2 changes to Wikipedia a day. What on earth are they up to? How much is this costing?

asquith said...

Disagree, Newmania. There are lots of people who would agree with ID cards and the surveillance state. They are a very powerful, influential force and have this government on side. Liberty is doing excellent work in opposing them. This is one area where liberals and conservatives can work together. I personally admire the stance David Davis has taken as shadow home secretary.

If S. Chakrabati is a socialist, then I disagree with her socialism, and so do most people in the civil liberties coalition. But we have to use whoever is at hand in defeating the vicar and clunking fist's authoritarianism.