Monday, February 18, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Guido reviews Robert Colvile's CPS pamphlet on politics and the internet. As does Douglas Carswell MP.
2. Dizzy reckons Darling's announcement is a Northern Crock of ...
3. Nadine doesn't like being too close to Gordon Brown. He frightens her kids.
4. Red Box reckons Branson might feel life biffing up Vince Cable.
5. Daily Referendum agrees with me on a Vote of Confidence in el Gordo.
6. Party Political Animal reckons politicians should examine their own behaviour before they lecture others.
7. Labour Home reports that Chris Leslie is pulling out of the race to be Prezza's successor.
8. Brassneck on Ian Paisley Jnr's resignation.
9. Edward Leigh questions a commitment to Labour's spending plans.
10. Dizzy asks if something is rotten in the state of Conservative Future.
11. Vicky Ford wants a referendum. Don't we all.
12. Donal Blaney informs us that the Yanks just don't give a damn what we think.


Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for the link.

Unfortunately you've linked to The Times online by mistake.


asquith said...

I delivered my retort to D. Blaney. Basically, I said that the US Republicans are not in the least bit interested in the Tories, and those who (like him) revere them are doing so one-sidedly and pointlessly. Time for a bit of cynical detatchment, methinks.

As evidence, I cite Bush's closeness to Blair, and the GOP's utter lack of interest in the Tories in 2005. Plus, while some people in Washington may well prefer Dave from PR to clunking fist, I doubt whether any of them care half as much as Donal does.