Friday, February 15, 2008

How to Deprive Labour of Money

Now here's something every Conservative should offer their congratulations to Plaid Cymru on. They have launched a website to encourage trade union members to opt out of the Labour Party political levy. Each year non Labour supporting trade unionists donate millions of pounds to the Labour Party without probably even realising it. Click HERE to find out how they/you can now opt out.


Anonymous said...

Iain: was the use of the third person plural in the last sentence rather than the second person singular conscious or otherwise? In recognition perhaps that your blog won't be adding some momentum to their campaign...

Anonymous said...

Great to see that you are joining a party that is actually allowed to say , quite proudly, that it is a Welsh Nationalist party.

And you don't get some loonies calling them 'islamophobic', because, hey - they have an Asian AM.

Why can't Westminster politics be like that ?

Cymru am Byth !!!

Newmania said...

Thats brilliant ,whenever those lying hounds say dear me no the political fund is seperate I always say well you won`t mind if they have to give directly like evryone else then
Um eeer um is the only response. The Labour Party are liars and thieves on funding and it sickens me to see the courtesan Liberal party billing and cooing with them over the whole mendacious imposture.
Has Robinson got a better trained monkey for the New Statesman yet and do you think it shad anything to do with the Bright programme on Corruption Ken ?
Now thats a lot of funding that goes oddly unnoticed


Anonymous said...

Thanks Iain (and Plaid). I joined a union last year and have been meaning to opt out, but could never quite work out how. Now, I have just fired off my email, and await confirmation that I am no longer funding the Labour party.

This system needs desperately to be reformed: if it must exist then it should be (a) opt in and (b) one should be able to nominate any political party registered with the Electoral Commission (i.e. any legitimate party) to receive it.

Anonymous said...

Only problem I can see is that no one ever looks at their site.

P.S. dont understand name/url, can I not just leave my name as before.

Anonymous said...

Ta to the Taffs! Just followed the link and did the necessary!

Anonymous said...

Someone at CCO should be tasked with setting up a similar website that is unbranded, so that we can all promote it to as many union members as possible, whatever their politics (even a lot of traditional Labour supporters could probably be persuaded to stop supporting Gordon Brown's Labour, but not by a Plaid Cymru or a Tory website).

Anonymous said...

A better way to starve the Labour party of funds would be for David Cameron to announce that one of the first things a Conservative government will do would be to hold a public enquiry into corporate donations to the Labour party and government policy over the last ten or so years. Any chance that the massive amounts of corruption could be proved will cut off funding completely.

Anonymous said...

Now can we do the same for private companies making political donations

at least you get a vote in the trade unions

I didnt get a vote when Fidelity made a political donation