Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. The Huntsman has Nanny Hewitt in his sights.
2. Louise Bagshawe reckons LibDem MP David Heath is frit. Of his Tory opponent.
3. Britain & has closed for business. But is due to be relaunched in the Summer.
4. Liberal Burblings details 300 defections from Labour ... to the Tories.
5. Our Kingdom believes the Paisley era in Northern Ireland is coming to an end.
6. LabourHome wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the start of the Miners Strike. Leopards ... spots... UPDATE: Strangely the story has disappeared from LabourHome. More anon.
7. John Redwood says we will live to regret this week's rished Northern Rock legislation.
8. Donal Blaney is finding blogging (and being called a fascist) rather tedious.
9. Rupert Read wants to decriminalise the sex industry.
10. The Coffee House on why it's called the Coffee House.
11. Cranmer is not impressed by the FT's Europhile obessions. Not impressed at all.
12. Dave's Part looks at the Bridgend suicides.


David Boothroyd said...

That Labourhome story was posted by a well-known Conservative-supporting troll, which is no doubt why it was deleted.

Anonymous said...

Mr Iain. After Jimbo's attempts to smear Boris over the NatWest 3 you may like to read the top story on the Sunday Herald -

Rather puts a different (Labour) light on things.

Oh and David if it is a "Tory troll" please name them.

I do find it odd that the Labour party should be doing a Winston Smith on such a post since they supported the strikers and benefitted from their votes.

Are you saying the votes of ex-miners and their communities are up for grabs now?

Newmania said...

Thats a great post by Lousie Bagshawe...but as I commented . How can you take a point about political principle seriously , from her.

Coo Bagshawe`s and Boothroyds what a wonderful meritocracy we live in

Anonymous said...

Not sure where else I can post this but after watching MOTD I Cannot recall another time when the Government of the day has sponsored a Premier League football team!! Does this mean the cabinet gets free tickets?

Anonymous said...

@ David Boothroyd

A troll to you is anyone you're losing an argument with.

Which makes pretty well everyone a troll.

Anonymous said...

@ Stephen

I saw the offending Labourhome post before it was taken down. It was to the effect that 25 years on, a gesture of reconciliation might be appropriate, such as a police gallantry medal.

Surely only a completely unreconstructed Marxist rock-chucking loony, with views frozen since 1984, would take exception to such a suggestion?



OK, well, it was Labourhome, so....

Anonymous said...

Firstly Iain I don't see why you think remembering the miners strike should be seen in such a negative fashion as if making thousands unemployed was a good thing.

The risible and strategically challenged Scargill aside, the fears transpired to be true and it may be a timely reminder to mention that the further large scale job losses under Major played a huge part in the Tories fall from office.

However the fact that a Labour website and the likes of David Boothroyd see fit to follow your take on the strike further weakens my own loyalty to Labour.

If the sacrifice of jobs and an industry is to be seen as a something to brushed under the carpet then what loyalty to Labour I had is gone.

Anonymous said...

Well, Rupert Read clearly wants to demonstrate a responsible, not to say gea soul by fighting to legalise the sex industry. Except ... it's already legal. And always has been.

There are some restrictions, as there are in all industries, but working girls (and boys) can certainly ply their trade.

It was the drugs that the murdered prostitutes were taking that were illegal. Not selling sex.

Presumably, people are aware that there is free help to get off drugs. But, do-gooders have to accept that some people's lives are disconnected and frazzled. Even if they come off drugs, they will probably continue to be prostitutes because people with this kind of dependent personality don't have the discipline to turn up for regular work - on drugs or off.

Rupert Reed, cute as he is, is a typically interfering, controlling, nannyesque, Save-The-Earth-By-Doing-As-I-Say individual and I wish him a hearty "shut up".

David Boothroyd said...

The troll went by the name 'Hugh Jorgan' although I somehow doubt that was his real name. The argument he put forward was to celebrate the defeat of the strike and the closure of the pits because it led to the eventual economic regeneration of the area.

By the same argument New Yorkers should celebrate on September 11th because the terrorist attack led to the eventual redevelopment of the World Trade Center site. If one first accepts that there was no economic future in deep mined coal, it would have been possible to manage the regeneration of the mining areas and the retraining of workers without having to go through the lengthy period of unemployment or the diversion of unemployed miners to disability benefits which occurred between the two.

Anonymous said...

david boothroyd

now you are apparently outed I feel strangely turned on by all of your muscular postings. fnar. a bit of a labour troll goes a long way darling.

Old BE said...

Jude the Stadium Cat:

If I was a Newcastle fan I would be ashamed to have such a bunch of losers sponsoring my club! Actually scrub that the two sets of sore losers deserve each other. Government to nationalise Newcastle United?

rob's uncle said...

Re: 'John Redwood says we will live to regret this week's rished Northern Rock legislation.' I suggest 'rushed'.

I trust yr feeling better and had an excellent night out en famille?

asquith said...

Take my advice, Iain. Those 300 defectors are bad news. The Tories should keep away from them ot they'll be sorry. The whole story stinks. I, of course, don't have an axe to grind because I'm equidistant between clunking fist and Camoron.

But in the interests of having a remotely decent political system, I urge you to give them all a miss.

Anonymous said...

Another perspective on the 'miner's' strike': all power to the Thatch for putting Comrade Scargill and his rimmers in their place- payback for the 3 day week and holding the admittedly awful Heath government to ransom. Now, after privitisation, the energy companies are holding the public to ransom. So, it's all right for US to get screwed by the energy providers, but NOT the government. Nice to see the usual double standards at work by our elected unrepresentatives!

Anonymous said...

Lee Jasper responds to the Evening Standard allegations:

asquith said...

BTW, we now know what Dave from PR gets up to in his spare time:

Anonymous said...

There's no way that Scargill wanted a negotiated settlement and properly managed run-down of uneconomic pits. He wanted a fight for his own political purposes, which were not those of the miners - witness the division between different mining areas.

Trouble is, he picked the wrong person to fight.

The miners who allowed themselves to be led by scum like Scargill unfortunately paid a heavy price, and I for one certainly do not gloat over their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Donal Blaney tires of being called a fascist - perhaps he ought to leave the Asian bashing to someone else then. His post on the British Asian Network is an absolute disgrace and right-minded people ought to be saying so.

Mind, he does have previous 'form' in this area.

asquith said...

I left a comment on the Spectator article. With reference to the fact that the original Spectator was published in 1711, I asked whether that was when Bruce Anderson started his career. The laughs never stop :)

Paul Walter said...

I should point out that the Derby story on my blog was originally on Conservative Home. I have now restored the "hat-tip" which was originally on my post.