Friday, February 29, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Norfolk Blogger says my blog has been banned by Norfolk County Council. I feel an FOI coming on.
2. Conservative Women are not happy with Matt Drudge.
3. City Unslicker explains why Angela Merkel has been undermined by E.on.
4. Theo Spark has got a bad case of Governmentium.
5. Ben Brogan is going red in Birmingham.
6. Bob Piper explains why Andrew Lansley is popular in the NHS and also explains his new polite promise.
7. Burning our Money on the scandal of local government pensions.
8. Danny Finkelstein on why Shirley Williams nearly re-ratted to Labour. Tony Sharp has more.
9. Donal Blaney on the difference between Michael Gove and Andrew Lansley.
10. John Redwood asks what should we pay MPs?
11. Kiwiblog looks at the likely successors to New Zealand PM Helen Clark.
12. David Hughes reveals GordonBrown had to break into his own office at 5am.


Anonymous said...

7. Burning our Money on the scandal of local government pensions.

Presumably it wont be a scandal if you get elected MP and are entitled to a gold plated pension?.

And yes, I know it's a different pot, but the principle is the same.

Iain Dale said...

Indeed, that's why David Cameron has called for an end to the scheme so anyone elected for the first time at the next election won't be part of it. And he's right.

Anonymous said...

That's the anny Finkelstein that himself ratted from the sdp to the Tories, I take it? Not sure he'd be on Shirley Williams'birthday card list somehow.

Anonymous said...

Iain, I see that Kiwiblog claims to have a million page views a months. That seems unlikely. That is more than double your rate isn't it?

It seems even more unlikely when you consider that his readers are mainly New Zealanders. So he has a potential core readership of 4,000,000 compared with your 60,000,000.