Friday, February 15, 2008

Power Continues to Shift to the Consumer

Nothing to so with politics, but I discovered a really good new site called, which is a kind of social networking site for car enthusiasts. Its intention seems to be to build a massive database of car reviews which will inform a potential purchaser before they buy one. I mention it because it once again takes power out of the hands of big companies and into the hands of the consumer. TripAdviser is another site which has a similar effect. After having read the reviews of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington I booked in elsewhere!


AdamB said...

Are there not enough adverts on this blog as it is?

Anonymous said...

spot on - but the thing is to tell the hotel/restaurant what they are doing wrong and not just whingeing. I noticed a turnaround in a previously fine local eatery when comments on londoneating pointed out that the service and food had gone seriously south and named a few nearby competitors who were offering far better value.

Friends in the hospitality business tell me they read these reviews and note the criticism but dismiss the gratuitously offensive and/or people who complain about visiting London and having to pay £30/head+wine for a meal. Most hotels/restaurant owners are genuinely shocked when the realise they are candidates for a visit from Gordon Ramsay.

BrianSJ said...

ref ebuga; for the UK, Parker's owners reviews are free plentiful and excellent.

ref tory troll: the Diary does seem to be giving up politics just now.

Anonymous said...

ebuga - strange name (but so was ebay when that first emerged) promises to change the way folk buy cars. I like the way it weaves Web 2.0 and community.