Friday, February 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Dizzy questions a LibDem MPs' eating and drinking habits.
2. Dizzy also questions the conduct of Norman Baker and claculates he owes the taxpayer a cool £8,000.
3. Lanson Boy reckons he's got one up on me by blogging from the office of the President of ... Mozambique!
4. Guido reckons someone at CCHQ is in for a bollocking. And if not, they ought to be.
5. Inspector Gadget describes the daily lot of a policeman. Prepare to be shocked.
6. Donal Blaney refuses to appear on the BBC Asian Network.
7. Bill Blanko reports on today's press gallery shenanigans.
8. Kerron Cross gives his best man some tips. No mention of a Prince Albert, though.
9. Cassilis becomes a Socialist. Well, kind of.
10. The UN's call for disestablishmentarianism (I got tired just typing that) leaves Cranmer unimpressed.
11. Kevin Maguire on a victory for the Brothers which leaves Brown with a dilemma.
12. Party Political Animal gets the Land of the Free off his chest.


Anonymous said...


I am pleased to be able to confirm that the Mail on Sunday has accepted that I have not abused an allowance available to MPs to purchase the second home they must have to enable them to live both in or near their constituencies and in London.

An article in last week's paper (10th Feb) claimed that i had used this allowance to fund the purchase of a terraced property in Worcester that I then let out. this allegation was completely without foundation and the newspaper has today (17th Feb) published the following letter from me, setting the record straight:

"Regarding your article "Revealed: 'MPs' buy-to-let scheme funded by the taxpayer'", at no stage have I let out any property on which I have claimed Additional Costs Allowance. I bought a flat in Kennington eight years ago, and I still live in it.

"The small terraced property in Worcester you listed against my name is fully and properly declared in the Register of Members' Interests. I purchased it some eighteen years ago and lived in it prior to my election to Parliament. I am still paying off the mortgage entirely out of my own resources. Any suggestion that I have misused taxpayers' money is both offensive and wrong."

Curbishly said...

Insp Gadget, Bloggsie and others have been reporting the reality of Policing and the state of parts of our society for some time now.

It would be good if the BBC Panorama team actually investigated these matters rather than wild allegations from "human rights" lawyers.

asquith said...

That Dizzy post was brilliant. Go to any Liberal Drinks and you can see how it's done :)

Chris Paul said...

Think £80,000 is more like it for Baker. Speculation at the link about a Hollywood film in the planning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:40. Thanks for the elucidation. You have certainly cleared your name.

Anonymous said...


The MP is Peter Luff, Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire.

Anonymous said...

2:06 - Doesn't Peter Luff know his own name?