Friday, February 15, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Tory Radio wonders how a gambler can sue a bookmaker for making him addicted to gambling.
2. City Unslicker predicts an Enron type domino effect for the economy. Slitting wrists time...
3. Crossed Pond on five hostages in Colombia
4. Conor Burns on how the MoD failed his friend Captain James Phillipson.
5. Dizzy smells Peter Hain's smoking gun.
6. Party Political Animal looks into a statement of the bleedin' obvious.
7. Norfolk Blogger wins 'anorak of the week' for his 'chiming clock'* observation in Ashes to Ashes.
8. Shane Greer pays tribute to the Taxpayers' Alliance.
9. Sam Coates on Red Box tells you everything you needed to know about the mayoral debate on the environment ... and much you didn't.
10. Westmonster on four things Barack needs to do in February.
11. Paul Linford on the 'quintessence' of Englishness.
12. Cassilis on HEFFER CONFRONTED ... by Joan Bakewell. Come again? have I been sacked?

* There was a chiming clock in Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR. The only trouble was, there were no chiming clocks in Ancient Rome.


Anonymous said...

we know about the lack of chiming clocks in Rome

but there were actually wristwatches in Elisabethan times.

There really were.

Anonymous said...

famously we believe there were no chiming clocks in Rome - how do we know?

Anonymous said...

why do we believe the Romans didnt have proper clocks?

I am guessing they absolutely did. They were pretty clever on about everything else.

In fact I would stake my drachma on it.

Get real.

Ted Foan said...

Well done for driving me to the Shane Greer site where I strayed into his archive. What's all this about the TotalPolitics magazine and website that you and others are setting up?

Are you lining up John Kampfner for editor? What's the business model (as they would say at Northern Rock)? Will Donal and Dizzy be on the team? Any veteran Scots journalists who front BBC politics programmes and have business interests in Dubai lined up to be chairman? Will it be a subscription website?

Much more interesting than the time pieces available to the Romans. perhaps?

Iain Dale said...

Diablo, I'm going to reveal all on Monday. I doubt whether we could afford Mr K!

Anonymous said...

i think you have been deserted Iain

si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice

I would if I was you

Vienna Woods said...

Ah yes Iain, but the best laugh of the week came this morning...

asquith said...

Did you watch Ashes To Ashes, Iain?