Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney Calls it a Day

I'm sitting in the audience at the CPAC conference in Washington DC, where a few seconds ago Mitt Romney announced he was pulling out of the Republican presidential race. It's the right decision for him and the right decision for the Republican Party. He lives to fight another day - probably in 2012 - and his party can now unite around its nominee, John McCain. McCain speaks here at 3pm this afternoon. More later...


Chris Paul said...

He has suspended his campaign, not quit. this gives him leverage. The speech was probably his most presidential of the campaign. And strangely enough we probably got better coverage on BBC N24 than you did in the room.

Anonymous said...

You haven't signed this I see.

Anonymous said...

Glad your journey across the Atlantic is producing such up to the minute news and information.

His speech was live on Sky, BBC, CNN, Fox & France 24. Unless you have personal reasons for visiting Washington has your trip across the pond been worth while? I am struggling to see any benefit for readers of your diary. Any major domestic stories you seem to ignore or be unaware of.

Whilst I agree that for the UK the US Presidential Elections do have an impact, I don't recall you doing a live on-the-spot blogging for the French Presidential Elections? Surely they also have an impact on British politics?

Surely as "Westminster's early warning system," wouldn't you have been better saying 'I'm off on holiday for a few days. Back soon?'

Checking for updates on your blog at the moment is like waiting for the postman. You have no idea when (or if) they are due; when they arrive you think I've been waiting for this!!!!!!

Sorry Iain to go on. But I've been very very unimpressed by your junket.

Anonymous said...

"...lives to fight again, probably in 2012"?

So are you saying that if McCain wins in 2008 he would be challenged by Romney in 2012 or are you working on the expectation that the Republicans will not win in 2008 and their next go at it will be then? Interesting slip Iain. Do please tell what you meant.

Anonymous said...

Romney was obviously beginning to suffer a bit. I think the picture on my blog sums up my feelings on the matter.