Friday, February 15, 2008

How Similar Are The Greens to the BNP?

Samizdata has a well sourced piece comparing the policies of the Green Party to ... wait for it ... the BNP. I was a little sceptical when I saw the headline, but if you actually read it, the article makes a pretty good case!


Anonymous said...

I fully approve his attempts at lucidly expositing on this subtle and dare I say it, timely subject to cast light on a controversial topic in the function, if not exact form, of an epistle.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you are surprised. Even more than a superficial look at the greens and what they stand for shows up the far right nature of a lot of what they believe, and of a lot of the people in their party. Do not fall for the pr spin that they're all nice Tom and Barbara Good. Remember Hitler was a vegetarian.

Newmania said...

Saw this ..brilliant. Germans are very green aren`t they .....

asquith said...

I personally think there should be a localised environmental disaster that afects only UKIP, right-wing Tories, Daily Hate Mail "readers", "libertarians" and Jeremy Clarkson fans. Devil's Kitchen can get hit in the face by the tidal wave.

Standard disclaimer: to be taken not too seriously, but seriously in a way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15
Hitler was a vegetarian;
Hitler murdered millions of people.
Therefore, all vegetarians are mass murderers.

He was very fond of dogs and children as well.

And the English apparently.

janestheone said...

just look at the greens in northern europe - they are not that far from the UK ones, but because of the lack of Celtic admixture (I submit, m'lud) they spill over into Blood and Honour. They were in government in Latvia until not long ago on a platform of the the Land Is Ours, No To Immigrants (or someting like that, my command of Latvian is not great)

Quiet_Man said...

A fanatic is pretty much the same no matter what colour he sports be it red, green, black etc.

Guessedworker said...

To understand the position of Greens and the BNP you must quit the left-right political model.

Green's argue that preservation of the biosphere is the ultimate value. The BNP argues that preservation of Britain's three native peoples is the ultimate value.

I rank the health of the biosphere above my own people's survival. But I certainly acknowledge that these are indeed the two highest of any values, besides which Samizdata's childish concerns are of no import whatsoever.

Now, neither value locates on the standard political compass (left <> right / authoritarian <> libertarian). The standard compass is a model of liberalism.

The Samizdata article is nothing more than an error of reading, caused by a liberal attempt to pin down non-liberal values. Naturally, it is full of the usual boorish Godwinisms ... liberals, right as well as left, adore smearing that which threatens their individualist or social democratic values.

Anonymous said...

Surely the Greens have not been unfairly judged all these years?

scott redding said...

I never tire of hearing that Hitler was a vegetarian.

If you want to really know what the BNP and the Green Party have in common:

Climate change, as well as peak oil, will severely disrupt industrial society. Such a crisis will further discredit mainstream politics (why didn’t they warn us, why haven’t they prepared).

In our own ways, the Green Party and the BNP are preparing for this crisis.

The BNP wants society to go to hell-in-a-handbasket. It’s covertly preparing for crisis, with encrypted membership lists and secret meeting rendez-vous points. It wants to position itself to take advantage of chaos and turn society towards strong-leader, White-England-first solutions.

In contrast, the Green Party is openly preparing by trying to localise the economy. We want to put in place ways of providing local food and decentralised public services. We’re advocating pro-peace, pro-women and anti-racist policies. We can see the chaos that is coming, and we want to help make local communities resiliant and provide a bridge towards a sustainable society.

Adrian Windisch said...

Greens are often attacked for being lefty, so this is a bit of a change. I think left and right designations arent appropriate anymore, they arent adequate for the situation.

The BNP blames immigrants for all sorts of problems, theres a case for the Labour Party and much of the media being likened to them.

Greens put people before profit, which must scare some people as they seem to want to invent agendas for us that don't exist in reality.

Anonymous said...

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