Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Much Will Ming's Book Reveal?

Ming Campbell's autobiography is out in a couple of weeks' time on 6 March. Considering he only resigned as leader four months ago, this really has been published in double quick time. However, I wonder how light much this book will shed on recent events. The publishers were less than satisfied with the chapters on Charles Kennedy's overthrow and Ming's own departure. They sent the manuscript back ordering him to spice it up. You can preorder the book HERE for £13.20.

Am I alone in finding the subtitle annoying? Of course it is MY Autobiography. Whose else would it be?


asquith said...

Yes, he should have given it a title like Battling Against Christ or Standing Against God :)

I consider that knifing leaders (in any party) is usually bad news. There shouldn't be so much turnover, it doesn't inspire confidence.

strapworld said...

Why not:-

The Good, Bad and Ugly
an autobiography:

The Liberal Democrats. The War Years.
An Autobiography.

My glorious leadership year.
an autobiography:

I lead, others didn't follow! an autobiography.

What a great party that was.
an autobiography.

I would have changed the world - given time.
an autobiography.

The Rise and Fall of a Liberal Democrat Icon.
an autobiography.

Paul Linford said...

In answer to your question Iain, very little I should think, given that Campbell was an accessory before the fact of Kennedy's assassination. He is living proof that he who wields the dagger sometimes does get to wear the crown.

Anonymous said...

The Minger's book CAN'T be as bad as Charles Kennedy's- 'The Future of Politics ( in a bottle, or public loo depending on your choice in a liberal society)'! That was ONE long dull read!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he hasn't forgotten it all!

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

"Whose else could it be?"

Moot question, given that about 90% of autobiographies seem to be ghostwritten these days...

Anonymous said...

How about: My life as a vase.

The old ones are always the best.

Brian said...

Eric Sykes has the most appropriate title for an autobiography:
"If I Don't Write It Nobody Else Will"

Anonymous said...

How about: Think Yellow and Follow Me (as Clouseau says to Cato Fong in Revenge of the Pink Panther)?

Anonymous said...

On a 'richter' scale of salacious memoirs, where Christopher Meyer was an 8, Blunkie's memoirs slagging off his colleagues was a 6 and Campbell's 'excised' diaries are a 4, I guess Ming's will come in at the "a small earthquake in Chile - not many dead" end of the scale.

CityUnslicker said...

As he is an LD, how about:

The art of speaking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time
by Menzies (after all, he is a national treasure now shurely?)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You are right. The title is tautologous.

It should be called, "My years as a child of the sixties, but I didn't inhhale" - which is patently true since he is and was so utterly straight.

Anonymous said...

No, I think it is just you.

If it was called 'His Autobiography' you would have said it was impersonal.

'The Autobiography' or 'An Autobiography' sound silly.

And if you imagine him saying on the radio 'I have just written autobiography' it would sound stupid.

Chris Paul said...

My Backstabbers?

On Libdemology?

The Blur Years?

The Bleugh Years?

In Dizzy Focus?