Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Jon Craig is not a fan of the 'toothless' Sir Christopher Kelly.
2. Cranmer asks what would happen if the BNP endorsed David Cameron.
3. Ben Brogan says the Commons authorities should have left the protesters on the roof and left them to see how they like it! He also now promises to campaign for a third runway!
4. Bob Piper wishes to continue to enjoy the freedom of touching his genitals in public.
5. Cassilis laments the 'classist' approach of both sides of the political divide.
6. Devil's Kitchen enters battle with Labour MP Keith Hill.
7. Donal Blaney has some suggestions about what to do with the protesters at the Commons. Releasing them is not one of them.
8. Vicky Ford relates her experience of the I WANT A REFERENDUM protest.
9. John Redwood calls the LibDems 'silly stunts'. At least, I think that's what he said.
10. Kerron Cross on why David C Davies was Top Cat today.
11. How the earth moved for Mrs Tory Radio.
12. Stephen Pollard on the Archibshop of La-La Land, who's "at it again".


Anonymous said...

You missed: James Forsyth, 'Europe Referendum back on the cards.'

Anonymous said...

Hello Iain,
you may remember I proposed a UKIP, BNP, Conservative alliance when things were looking grim. The funniest comment in return was "the Conservatives need to strengthen their Liberal wing" Hope the new venture is going OK. Did you see the Portillo prog? Not bad but reinforced my view that they should have had Ken Clarke in the first place.
freedom to prosper

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get a comment up on Donal's, as he seems to be restricting commenters?

Anonymous said...

verity said...
Does anyone know how to get a comment up on Donal's, as he seems to be restricting commenters?

He has set up the site so that you can comment only if you are registered with Blogger or AOL, TypePad, Wordpress, etc.

Anonymous said...

Who let the floppy haired Oxbridge toff protestors into Parliament? Why can’t they get a proper job in the stock exchange? ( No worries they will once they pass 28 )

My money is on Boris

Anonymous said...

Oh Please Iain tell me this is a joke

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this blog today, gave me a chuckle.



Ted Foan said...

Bob Piper - feeling a right prick in public? Never! But I can imagine Brown playing with his Balls.

On second thoughts, scrap the last one!

Anonymous said...

Aardvark - Oh. OK. Thanks.

Vienna Woods said...

Bob Piper must be a friend of those disgusting gangs of young Turks and Yugos that strut around the streets in their tight jeans and greased hair, hauling their nuts up every few meters. I often wondered if they were wearing M&S underwear, or none at all. Should be locked up - all of them - including Piper.

asquith said...

I expressed my views on Keith Hill in robust language, which I wouldn't try to repreat on a family blog :)