Monday, February 25, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Don't mess with Jon Craig. I'm telling you!
2. Luke Akehurst answers 20 questions from Paul Burgin.
3. Norfolk Blogger has (another) go at Nick Clegg over the EU referendum.
4. Ellee Seymour on the flaws of another government PR initiative.
5. Paul Canning accuses Jacqui Smith of complicity to murder.
6. Donal Blaney on Hillary's nasty side. I'm sure Harriet Harman would approve.
7. Ben Brogan reckons Sarkozy is turning into Le Prezza.
8. Vicky Ford enjoys a day out in, er, Luton.
9. Burning our Money on why state teachers send their own kids private.
10. Cassilis on why Hillary needs to discover humility. Fast.
11. Nadine Dorries likes someone who delivers on a promise.
12. Shane Greer welcomes a right wing BBC programme.


Anonymous said...

I'm always surprised that you don't highlight postings from Tim Ireland... Bob Piper.......Chris Paul...........

Sorry. Need a kip.

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks for the link :)