Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Round Up

I've got an article in The Observer today on why politicians should embrace blogging, which you can read HERE.

There's a big feature in The Independent on Tory Tribes HERE which includes pen portraits of Inner Circle Cameroons, A Listers, Z Listers, Black Listers, Gay Listers, Cameron Celebs, Conservative Commentators, Dave's Babes and Young Turks. The Indy also has a multi authored piece called The Cameroons are Coming HERE, as well as a Quiz dreamt up by Jo-Anne Nadler titled Are You a Closet Tory?

The Sunday Express has a front page story saying that David Cameron will commit to abolishing Inheritance Tax on the main family home. It's a non story because it is actually the Tax Commission which is thought to be proposing this, rather than the Party itself.


Anonymous said...

Just visited ConHom and viewed Tim Montgomery's YouTube favs. After seeing his hatchet job, sorry satirical take on David Cameron could you let him know that Labour tried something similar with "Dave the Chameleon", only they were nicer!

Praguetory said...

I like Anne's quiz. Very sympathetic to the Tories. Paints Labour supporters as imbeciles.

Etzel Pangloss said...

Independent journalist discovers that young Tories are "normal".

What does that mean to them and their readers though?

Anonymous said...

Good piece in the Observer Iain, but I was sorry to see that I had dropped out of your Top 10!

Scipio said...

I did the test. I am B/C! IS there hope for me!