Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslim Cartoonist Attack the Pope

Remember the furore about the cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that caused such outrage in the Islamic world? Pay a visit to THIS site which shows how muslim cartoonists have responded to the Pope's remarks. Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Shame not everyone agrees.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the irony, It hits me so badly I almost want to put on a mask and set fire to a few mosques in protest. Or maybe we could all protest outside out local skuul 4 jihad, with pretty little signs saying "Jesus is your daddy, bitches"

James Higham said...

What disappoints me is the backpeddling of the Vatican in the matter. The cartoons themselves are par for the course.

Tapestry said...

The Islamic struggle is with itself. Few Christians feel that bothered about these cartoons. In fact they are almost funny.

It must be confusing to Islamic people that Christians don't get offended. Our cultural life is broad enough to handle it - honest!

Ross said...

-We have a situation where a group routinely abuse someone on a daily basis,

-The abusive group complain loudly to anybody that will listen when that person responds in a manner that some consider provocative.

-They then demand an apology for their own misunderstanding on the basis that he could have made them aggressive!

This is absurd so I believe that Glenn Roeder should not apologise to West Ham fans for his actions at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the problem with many of those cartoons. The first one shows John Paul II building peace with other religions and the current pope destroying it.

It's hardly offensive is it?

The second one has the current pope with a swastika around his neck. Considering he was in the Hitler Youth, and the Catholic church has a long record of anti-semitism, that doesn't seem unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

All those centuries of foreswearing art have not served islamic cartoonists well. The drawings are infantile with zero technical skill. As to the thoughts behind them, who cares? They're thoughts out of a cartoonist's head. So what?

Anonymous said...

The "vatican thing" was a classic piece of Papal manipulation, worthy of the medieval Jesuits.

You see over there in the Vaticano, those wise guys, they havin' a snifter or two and shootin' the breeze. They say to themselves - "do we really want all those Turk MotherF****** in the Union?" And in comes Big Pappy and he says "no way boys but whadda hell can I doos about it" and up pipes Joey Mazuni, the Cardinale from Sicilia, and he says "relax Papa." He says "I got some boys who take care of the matter". And he calls Toni in the Propaganda Seminary and he says "Toni, find me some old trash where some guy really hates those Muslims". They work that material up and they put it in the mouth of Big Daddy Pope-ioh. And the Islamis - they go nuts.

Then everyone in Europe says - "do we really wanna have those 100m Turks in our bar"? And the Papa. He apologises to the Turk gang. He apologises to the Middle East gang. He apologises to every gang. And they all calm down. But no way will the Euro guys have those Turk kids round in their cafe. You get my drift? Watch out for Big Papa. He still got plenty muscle and plenty action.

Anonymous said...

Turkey is not Europe. It is not steeped in European thought or history. Its religion is alien, anti-progress and anti-secular and has never had a reformation. They can't get into Europe.

Cicero said...

"Turkey is not Europe. It is not steeped in European thought or history. Its religion is alien, anti-progress and anti-secular and has never had a reformation. They can't get into Europe."

Neither Orthodox nor Catholics had a reformation either and plenty of Proddies think the same about those countries.

When you go to Turkey it is secular, moderately democratic and certainly no worse than Greece.

So I guess it all depends on where you set the line of bigotry