Monday, September 18, 2006

Harriman House Takes Over

Some of you will have already picked this up from a Politico's email, but this is the press release being sent out today...


Harriman House and announce today that Harriman House has taken over the online bookshop business of

Harriman House has a network of online bookshops and a fast growing publishing business.
Iain Dale, Managing Director of said: "I am delighted that the business will be continuing under the guidance of Harriman House. Their expertise in online bookselling will help the business grow and I wish them well. My career has moved in another direction and I am about to take on a new role in internet broadcasting, so the timing of this move makes sense."

Dale will not be directly involved in the new business but will act as a consultant to Harriman House's publishing arm on an ad hoc basis.

Myles Hunt, Managing Director of Harriman House said: "Iain has built up a first-class business with a fantastic reputation and we are delighted to be taking over bookshop.
Having managed online financial and business bookshops for over nine years we are looking forward to building on the success of Politicos and developing some exciting new areas of business. We'll be keeping in close contact with Iain, who has a wealth of experience in this area. His advice will ensure a smooth transfer of the business, and we look forward to working with him on some politics related publishing ventures in the coming months."

Editor's Note: is Britain's only specialist online political bookshop. Politico's started in 1997 as a physical bookshop in Westminster. Three years ago the bookshop closed its doors and reverted to an online/mail order business. A year previously Dale had sold Politico's Publishing to Methuen. Harriman House is both a leading independent publisher of books on business, finance and economics and a provider of specialist online bookshops. Established in 1994 as a mail order bookshop, Harriman moved online in 1997 running the Global-Investor bookshop and a network of over 200 associate bookshops for financial websites, magazines and institutions.
In 2001, Harriman set up a publishing division and currently has 50 titles in print with plans to publish between 15 and 20 new titles a year. The list covers a range of non-fiction subjects from professional finance through to politics and economics and personal finance and computer guides. / end
For more information please contact Tom Orchard or Helen McCusker at Harriman House:
Tel: 01730 233870 email:


Glass House said...

When I first read the title, I thought it said "Harriet Harman Takes Over"

Clearly, I need sleep

Anonymous said...

But the new site is worse!! I checked it out a couple of weeks ago and wasn't impressed.

Where is the memorabilia? The CD's? The DVD's? Sale books? Up-coming titles?

Mike D said...

Well done Iain- presumably you've now made your fortune- we look forward to your internet broadcasts from the yacht.

Anonymous said...

As a young researcher I used to spend many hours whiling the hours away in Politicos and Iain was always around for a friendly chat!

Sad to see this has moved on, but nice to see the same friendly tone has made it's way over to the blog.

Peter from Putney said...

"My career has moved in another direction and I am about to take on a new role in internet broadcasting, so the timing of this move makes sense."

Clearly you said all the right things and errm.. made all the right moves on the casting couch Iain - so when are you going to tell us about this "new role"?