Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Send the Sandwell One!

Bob Piper is obviously being categorised along with me as security risk. See HERE. Outrageous. Even if I can't go to the Labour Conference BOB MUST GO! He'd cause far more trouble than me.


MorrisOx said...

Quite right too. We don't want any Socialist riff-raff at the Labour Party Conference now, do we?

As for you, Dale, you've got trouble written all over your face.

I sincerely hope Inspector Knacker gives that well-known international terrorist Clare Short similar short-shrift.

Don't people realise just how close we came to conference calamity last year when that upstart old boy started waving his stick from row 93?

Clear and present danger, I say.

Praguetory said...

Labour Conference (brought to you by Lord Levy in association with Nestle, Wal-Mart and Rupert Murdoch) is developing nicely. WW on the NEC, non-blogger wins competition to be official blogger, protests banned, Piper side-lined and all this before the damned thing has started.

Iain, I know you're trying to promote blogging etc but surely you're pushing yourself too far. Why would you want to be part of the lunatic asylum? Watching history being made?

Pulsar said...

Smethwickian Bob deserves to be in at the kill.
He should attend with a box of goodies!

Deep Stoat said...

I wonder what the game plan is this year if they get another Walter Wolfgang incident?

Clearly they are trying to stitch it up, big time, but what happens if another Walter Wolfgang slips through the net? Will they just turn the lights out? Or switch off the microphones? Or ban all Journalists? What will they do to maintain President Ceau┼čescu in his deluded little bubble?