Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Send the Sandwell One!

Bob Piper is obviously being categorised along with me as security risk. See HERE. Outrageous. Even if I can't go to the Labour Conference BOB MUST GO! He'd cause far more trouble than me.


MorrisOx said...

Quite right too. We don't want any Socialist riff-raff at the Labour Party Conference now, do we?

As for you, Dale, you've got trouble written all over your face.

I sincerely hope Inspector Knacker gives that well-known international terrorist Clare Short similar short-shrift.

Don't people realise just how close we came to conference calamity last year when that upstart old boy started waving his stick from row 93?

Clear and present danger, I say.

Praguetory said...

Labour Conference (brought to you by Lord Levy in association with Nestle, Wal-Mart and Rupert Murdoch) is developing nicely. WW on the NEC, non-blogger wins competition to be official blogger, protests banned, Piper side-lined and all this before the damned thing has started.

Iain, I know you're trying to promote blogging etc but surely you're pushing yourself too far. Why would you want to be part of the lunatic asylum? Watching history being made?