Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blog Threatened by Greenwich Council Heavies

Remember all the fuss about AEG and the Dome? Greenwich Council have now threatened the GreenwichWatch Blog which first uncovered AEG's misrepresentation of the Greenwich chaplaincy. See HERE. Delighted to see GreenwichWatch are taking the Council's threats so seriously. So seriously that the blog now has a new strapline - see above.


shergar said...

Hi Iain. Who won the Ming caption contest and when can I expect my prize?

The Daily Pundit said...

A similar thing happened to the Liverpool-Evil-Cabal blog which made a number of allegations about several of the Council's senior executives. The posts and comments on the blog have since been removed while the Police investigate the claims. Bullying and harrasment of 'local issue blogs' by the authorities is quite commonplace.