Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dizzy Makes Bid to be 18DoughtyStreet Station Controller

Oh Dear. Dizzy thinks he's a Fisker. HERE. Not sure what he'll make of my interviewing style...

PS Looking at the comments people seem to think I am slagging Dizzy off. Far from it. He is a giant among bloggers and I much enjoyed his defenestration of Mr Humphrys' interview.


The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

"18 Doughty Street TV"
- you see I think you've already made the first mistake by giving out the address.
"secret tv", or "resistance tv", or
"I'm not telling you where I live because your really are beginning to quite frighten me tv"
would give it an edge.

As it is its beginning to sound a bit like TV-AM in the early days.
Except that instead of being on a "Mission to Inform", you perhaps should have been on a Mission not to tell the frightening people where you work.
That way you could have told it as it is now you'll just be worrying how to get home.

Praguetory said...

Look, the wanker who was interviewed shouldn't have made it to the door. But re your post, you can't effectively fisk something that's completely off the page, because every sub-clause deserves a rebuke. Better is to make a table with the columns
Fanaticism, Lies, Misrepresentation, Not answering the question, Threats and Leftie doublespeak. Take each sentence and tick the columns.

But, Iain what is your point? Which bit of the fisking did you particularly dislike?

Anonymous said...

Just dawned on me you'll only be a stretched condom away from all those bedhoppers on the Sextator.

Does this mean that we will be treated to monthly live orgies after the (jam) rag has been put to bed? Now might be a good time to invest in that 19" flatscreen monitor.

On second thoughts better not: the prospect of Liddle & Johnson's pumping pimply arses in glorious fuzzy-vision is enough to make one gag on one's gazpacho!

James Higham said...

Iain, have you considered that by even running the piece and commenting on that fruitcake, this might give him Margaretic 'oxygen'? And yet it draws the attention to Dizzy too. Hard to know which to do. Oh ... and thanks.

Tapestry said...

'islamic methodology' is an interesting phrase to use.

threats, accusations, demands, threats, accusations, demands,
threats, accusations, demands.

nothing else. no reason or logic just like the Pope says.

But using a word like 'methodology' indicates a desire to be respected as educated and civilised people. Is this the one chink in his mental armour?

Praguetory said...

Iain, try taking this as a compliment.

"Oh dear. Iain thinks he's a TV presenter".

Don't take it personally. I've never watched you on TV.

The Daily Pundit said...

Iain's good on the telly. But his ties make my eyes go funny.

dizzy said...

I'm pretty sure Iain was saying "Dizzy Thinks" rather than than "Dizzy thinks", it's just a a captial letter thing. If you look at most of the times he's linked to me usually says "Dizzy thinks"