Monday, September 18, 2006

Stephen Tall Towers Above Other LibDem Blogs

Just got back home fromt the LibDem Blogger of the Year awards at their conference, which was won by the very charming Stephen Tall, who writes the Oxford Liberal Blog. He's pictured here receving the award from the LibDem BlogBabe Lynne Featherstone. I am slightly embarrassed that I only ranked it Number 17 in my list, because having had another look at it now, it does deserve to be higher. Still a grotesque blogger template though! The fringe meeting was very well attended and it was good to put faces to names. Did interviews with several journalists there who found it difficult to comprehend that people of different political opionions could actually be friendly to each other. They still don't get this blogging community thingy, do they?

Stephen and I did an interview for the Today programme which will be broadcast in a few hours time. I then interviewed him, Alex Foster and Rob Fenwick for my Channel 4 News Morning Reports Podcast, which you will also be able to hear from 8am. I'll add the link later.

We shifted a couple of hundred copies of the Guide to Blogging and was even asked to autograph a copy! I admit I nearly fell off my chair when a Birmingham LibDem told me she reads my blog every day and finds it very educational. And she was being serious. Anyway, thanks to everyone at the meeting who made me feel welcome. It was a good event, and well done to those who put it on. And that's the last nice thing I shall say about the LibDems this week. I think.

UPDATE: You can hear a 5 minute interview on the Today Programme with Stephen Tall any myself by clicking on the 6.30-7am section HERE.


Benedict White said...

I think blogging is like Rugby. We can fight like rats in a sack over the game, but withing rules, but must be civil and friendly in the bar afterwards!

Praguetory said...

It really really really irritates Labour, but in Birmingham the Tories and the Dems get on just fine.

Anonymous said...

Why is she holding his balls? If word gets out the LibDems are this friendly, membership could triple!

Anonymous said...

"a Birmingham LibDem told me she reads my bog every day"

That is a most unfortunate typo. Is this a new form of fortune telling?

Anonymous said...

The B'ham LD person was quite drunk, we don't let her out that often!!

Anonymous said...

Iain, I look forward to meeting you in person one day ;o)