Tuesday, September 19, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Blair & Gyurcsany: Kindred Spirits

Tony Blair's often accused of lying but always seems to worm his way out of it. However, it seems he has a lot in common with Hungary's Socialist Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, who has been caught on tape admitting that he will lie about anything to stay in power.

Obviously our Dear Leader would never think such thoughts. No way. It would be terrible to even suggest such a thing. But I do wonder if Tony Blair is regretting the support he offered to his Socialist Brother during Hungary's recent election campaign. Blair appeared at an election rally in Budapest (attended by an acquaintance of mine) and told the massed throngs:

Ferenc Gyurcsany is a friend and a colleague and someone I admire very much

Does he still Ferenc Gyurcsany so much?


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Gyurcsany is about par for Hungarian politics. His chief rival, Viktor Orban, was a rabble-rousing protectionist nationalist, and even with hindsight in the knowledge of his admitted lies, Gyurcsany still represented a better bet for the Hungarian voter (though obviously he has to go now). What possessed Blair to endorse him, goodness only knows.

Anonymous said...

Is it too much to hope that we might have a people's uprising in this country in response to the poddle's continued contempt for the electorate?
Or perhaps an military coup as our own forces rebell over abetting the poddle in his criminal actions with soddy gear and support?
Dare the poddle leave his bunker for Manchester, or is a video link being installed?

Ross said...

Gyurcsany does sound very Blairite, except for the fact that Blair isn't even honest enough to admit he's a liar.

Anonymous said...

Evening Iain,

I wanted to transcribe the Hungarian bloke's statement into Blairese, but you can't do that while you're driving!

It could have been very easy though, even the tone/inflection was the same.

When I got home, there was a TV statement and it could have been either of them!

Not happy now. I can just remember Hungary in turmoil.

Imre said...

Thinking a step further on the Blair-Gyurcsany analogy, this is the time Hungarians can be happy they do not have a stronger military presence in the world. Otherwise they would be "peace-keeping" in other countries, huh?