Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Respect to Jeff Randall

Jeff Randall tells a story in the Guardian Media Diary of how two BBC producers once tried to stop him wearing Union Jack cufflinks, saying they were a symbol of the BNP. Randall told them exactly where he would like to stick the cufflinks. Respect.


Tory Ted said...

If you've ever heard Randall froth about immigration you wouldn't be so quick to judge those who accuse him of promoting the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he Marty Hopkirks partnert in the TV series?

Respect to the dead one, but why the living one?

Scipio said...

Ed: Even if he is a BNP supporter (latent or otherwise) and even if his motives for wearing the cuff links were dubious (and there is no evidence to suggest either), the Union flag is the simply the flag of the United Kingdon of Gt. Britain and Northern Ireleand. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. It does NOT represent some kind of apartheid state where non-white Brits are second class citizens and forced to leave the country of their birth to 'go home'

The more we allow the nazis over at the BNP to monopolise it, the more credible the nonsense the BBC spout sounds.

I love seeing black olympic athletes running around the tarck wrapped in the Union flag, simply because it reminds me exactly what the flag represents - and because I know it will get the BNP enraged to see "a bunch of coons using our flag"!*

It's their flag too!

We do have immigration issues in this country, but the solution promoted by the BNP is not the way it should be resolved.

*PS I am quoting one BNP supporter who told me that's how he felt when he sees black British olympians with the Union flag.

Tapestry said...

BNP allege on their website that major race crimes are going unreported in North. Horrific stories. Presumably true. Surely no one could fabricate such stuff.

I thought the BNP had moved on to the St George Cross, releasing the Union Jack should Britain ever wish to make use of it now and again.

Etzel Pangloss said...

Talking of immigration. How does one say welcome in Romanian?

The Druid said...

Nice one Jeff! Jeff Randall is a gent. Period. And the story doesn't surprise me. In fact it says more about the pc BBC than it does about Jeff. (If you read his excellent column in the Telegraph you'll know he has sound views on Cameron too.) We really are a funny nation. Try asking someone in the States to take off a Stars and Stripes lapel pin and they'll deck you. Of course, its OK to wear the silly eurhole (eu) flag. Funny that - the eurhole union was intended to replace the nation state. So why does it need the accruements of one? Flag, anthem, passport, army and so on? Go figure. Please no balls from those morons who they feel more european than British.

Dr.Doom said...

Just to set the record straight for our racist/BNP apologists in here that:'UPHOLD DEMOCRACY' by apologising for everyone who needs apologies.

Immigration into the UK is 70% non-uropean.

30% EU.

Here endeth any attempt in any election by the Tories over the EU and immigration policies of the EU and the UK.

Apolgise only for your own ignorance ladies.


Serf said...

I prefer my St George Cross cufflinks

MorrisOx said...

Don't start me on this one Iain.

I well remember a trip to Nottingham, where the brick excrescences occupied by the East Midlands Development Agency and the 'BBC in the East Midlands' sit cheek by jowl.

I challenge someone to go up there, swap the signage, and see if anyone can tell the difference.

The British Box-ticking Corporation indeed...

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me, that the supporters of uncontrolled immigration to this country, tend to be the same people who are always appologising, for thousands of Brits going to other countries, with the sole intention of making money and taking over the said countries, in the days of the Empire.

Anonymous said...

Randall told them exactly where he would like to stick the cufflinks.

Would he have taken the cufflinks off first?