Wednesday, September 20, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hoey Seeks Damages From Labour Party Members

Remember THIS story? Well I've been leaked the two letters above (click on the images to enlarge), which show that Labour MP Kate Hoey is seeking financial compensation, in her capacity as chairman of the Countryside Alliance, for the damage caused to the CA stand at the Labour Party conference last year by three Labour Party members.

She is seeking £1,000 from each of them. Nothing like a bit of fraternal solidarity! I understand the Labour Party has banned the three of them from the Manchester conference, so there can be no humiliating handover of cheques. What a shame. It seems the Countryside Alliance is again exhibiting at the conference. Let's hope their 24 hour security won't be [terrible pun] outfoxed [/terrible pun]... I'll just get my coat...

Seriously, Kate Hoey is a woman of great courage. I just wish she'd do just one more courageous thing. And I think you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked Kate Hoey. She seems eminently sensible to me. I can't quite understand why she's a member of the Labour Party, though.

Can somebody find me a single press cutting of her taking a notably leftist stance on anything?

Anonymous said...

You should not be laughing at this. Kate Hoey is a heroic woman who has had the courage to stand up for her principles in the face of grotesque behaviour from members of her own repulsive party. She should be supported by all lovers of freedom.

She and Frank Field are pretty much the only Labour people worthy of respect. It's a good job I don't live in Vauxhall, or else I might have had to vote Labour.

Give some credit where it is due.

The Hitch said...

Kate hoey is a wonderful woman and a true democrat, a woman of principal

Anonymous said...

Hoey credibility down in flames. What is with these fucking politicians and money? How does £3,000 affect the principle of what happened? Or is it that she went overboard on her hols and needs the cash. Bag-o-shite.

Anonymous said...

Kate Hoey, along with some very, very few others in the PLP, has a great deal of respect from me.

I like some others here don't understand why she is a Labour MP...mind you, I suppose you can say that about Bliar and most of the cabinet now.

You don't honestly think she might cross the floor of the house do you Iain? I haven't heard any rumours to that effect from the couple of MP pals which I have.

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to disillusion you people, Kate Hoey is very left wing on all the important issues - she voted against the Iraq war, top-up fees, foundation hospitals, trust schools, she is very much pro-Palestinian and against Israeli aggression, has a completely solid track record on standing up for gay rights, is hugely in favour of a massive expansion in trade union rights, more council housing not stock transfer, passionate about Africa and international development and has a very leftish agenda on the environment.

She basically sees hunting etc as civil liberty issues; the EU as a democracy issue; she backs grammar schools in NI only because she's opposed to faith schools. I'm actually struggling to think of anything else that she could even be wrongly called right-wing on.

Hoey is basically a maverick left-libertarian populist and it's very hard to see how she could possibly fit in to Cameron's Tories.

Tapestry said...

Just pass us the names of any Labour MP's involved, and the Countryside Alliance will provide 100 hard-working canvassers to ensure they lose support in their Constituencies. That'll be suitable revenge. Im fact leave the stand unattended, but with CCTV to ensure there is activist-motivating footage.

dizzy said...

As I said when I heard about these letters last night, I can't honestly say I disagree with Hoey.

Man in a Shed said...

To the list of decent Labour MPs (Kate Hoey and Frank Field) I'd add Anne Cryer - who has been trying to sort out real problems that are politically incorrect to even think about ( at least till very recently. )

My list of respected Labour MPs is only 3 long and above. I wish they would all defect ( was Frank Field in the conservative party once ? ) to the Conservative party.

Anonymous said...

Hoey also supports permitting safe standing areas in football stadia, a hugely sensible stance that most MPs are scared of supporting. One of the more (or dare I say "only"?) liberal members of the PLP.

janestheone said...

Kate is my MP and I am a fan. she is a libertarian, which as you rightly say, some of you, is a bit rare among Labour MPs. I am not a libertarian but I think we need them. I think the Labour members who vandalised the CA stall should be made to do a Boris and apologise in public.

Etzel Pangloss said...

Maybe she also posseses that terribly courageous virtue of loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with those who respect Kate and Frank Field and wish both would join the Conservative party.
Politicalcorrespondent there are many in the Tory party who would not disagree with her about the Iraq war and university fees.Me included.

Anonymous said...

"Let's hope their 24 hour security won't be [terrible pun] outfoxed [/terrible pun]... I'll just get my coat...

Looks like Reynard has already struck

pakman said...

Kate Hoey...respect.

Niles said...

Will the Countryside Alliance be at the Tory conference?

Jackart said...

She really is an excellent constituency MP and a credit to parliament.

I actually asked her to cross the floor when she was my MP.

She didn't respond to my request. I guess she thinks she can damage ZaNu Labour more from the inside...

Anonymous said...

If Kate Hoey wants to talk about the values of the Labour Party then perhaps she needs think about solidarity, democracy and collectivism.

As a Labour MP she Chairs an organisation that calls for the defeat of Labour MPs. In the
Commons she repeatdly rebels against Labour's policy and the manifesto she was elected on.

Her ego means she thinks she is bigger and more important than the Labour Party, it's time for the NEC to expel Hoey along with Claire Short.

Anonymous said...

Just because Hoey is a little less subservient than other Labour M.P.'s doesn't mean she should be canonised quite yet. The lack of quality of most M.P.'s makes her seem better than she is.

As far as I can see her 'independence' involves awkward speeches and the occasional rebellion on relatively trivial issues. Not really in the Bevan/Churchill league.

Anonymous said...

How can an inner city Labour MP like Kate Hoey, chair an organisation like the Countryside Alliance?

She needs to get her priorities straight!

She would also be wise to spend more time in her constituency, representing her electorate rather than spending all her time in N.Ireland!

Sabretache said...

anonymous 1:52pm

If that's not Mr Chris Gale, Chairman of the New North Wilts CLP and embodiment of the Wilts LACS trying to hide his identity, I'll eat my hat. This is the man that is trying to organise Kate Hoey's expulsion from the LP. The cut-and-paste mendacious spin about the Countryside Alliance is the give-away.

The CA is strictly non-party political. Its President is a Labour Peer; it's immediate past Chairman is a lifetime Fabian Society member; Its immediate past Chief Executive is a Labour supporter; It has Labour peers and Party members on its board. It encourages its members to support its aims which include repeal of the Hunting Act. Any MP who actively opposes CA aims can, at the very least, expect to forfeit electoral support from CA members. That is regardless of party and includes the likes of Anne Widdecombe and Roger Gale for example.

Anonymous said...

Kate Hoey- respect- add Di Abbott to my list.

Ann Cryer?
She was on Newsnight the other night whinging about Clair Short looking for a hung was all about ME and losing MY seat and why that is such a problem for was all about ME.

Anonymous said...

"She would also be wise to spend more time in her constituency, representing her electorate rather than spending all her time in N.Ireland! "

Do her constituents find her wanting? I doubt it. If they did they have a choice come the elections. The fact that she is a very capable woman and it thus able to fulfill her duties to her constituents and have other nationwide and international interests may be a cause for jealousy by more one dimential inadequates.

I would bet good money that she has no intention of defecting and not because she wants to destroy from within, but rather inprove from within.

Anonymous said...


"Kate Hoey...respect. "

Oh no don't tell me she's going to join up with Gallaway !!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's a complete waste of space. I find her lacking as a constituency MP.

She ought to have a bit more solidarity with Labour Party members.

I can't believe the CA is short of a bob or two!

And look who its Chief Exec is now, he's on the Tory A-List!!!

Scipio said...

idanonymous 9.23 (why not guive us your name - what are you hiding?); Are you a LACS member - I suspect so. Or perhaps you are a member of the Labour Animal Welfare Group - you remeber, the people that secured £1million from the American animal rights lobbyists PETRA in exchange for securing their hunting ban in the UK? Or perhaps you are onje of the wel known bunch of criminal animal rights terrorists/fashists that have records for violence as long as your arm?

So what if Simon Hart is a Tory wannabe! Richard Burge (the former CE was a Labour wanabe. I know and worked with them both - and they would both make excellent MPs for their respective party's.

The former Chairman (John Jackson) was a fabian, and the current board comprises labour and Tory peers. There are even Liberal democrats in there somewhere. It is an 'alliance' - not a party!

Secondly, why should Kate Hoey have 'solidarity' with criminals and vandals just because they are members of the same party? That is the sort of thinking that underpins corruption!!! I would never take sides with anyone who acted in this way just because they wre part of the same organisation. I worked closely with Kate Hoey on a number of projects, and I can tell you AS A TORY that women has more integrity in her little finger than the rest of the Labour party (and a lot of the Tory party) put together. But you wouldn't know that - becuase you probably havent even met her!

As a former senior employee of the Countryside Alliance, I can tell you that there are members, supporters, board members and employees of all political persuasions - and none. In particular, there was always a strong and voiciferous group of Labour councillors who were working outr of our Cockermouth office. They were old-school party Labour men through and through - so far from Tory stooges you might like to think we were.

I remember once, during a CA demo, one anti shouted at one of these guys "where you were during the miners strike". He marched over, put his nose about an inch away from this little gits face, and in the broadest Cumbrian aceent said "on the picket line wi m' wife and kids - but I don't remember seeing you there'!

That shut him up!

Anyway, the point is, Kate Hoey is a credit to her self, to Parliament and her constituents - who are obviously happy as they keep re-electing her.

Politicalcorrespondent: You are correct in much of what you say about Kate's politics (but in an alliance where these are not pertinenmt issues, it doesn't matter). But she is not supporting hunting because of civil liberties - although being a convinced libertarian herself. She supports hunting because she was raised on a farm in Northern Ireland and understands the issue from the inside.

Annonymous 1.52: She chairs an organisation which calls for the defaet of ANY MP who opposses hunting - not just Labour MPs. Believe me, we would have been delighted to see Anne Widdecombe lose her seat at the last election (myself included) and I am a Tory! It is a moronic statement to make this into a party political issue.


Why are those who oppose Kate annonymous. What are you hiding? It is the web equivalent of balaclavas!

Anonymous said...

Hoey is an evil hag who likes torturing wild animals for fun and would gladly see Labour fall if it meant her chums in the CA got their way.