Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quote of the Day: Sir Humphrey Appleby

"Law of Inverse Relevance:
The less you intend to do about something
the more you have to keep talking about it."

Sir Humphrey Appleby

We should bear this in mind when we hear Labour politicians drone on about how much they love the NHS.


Man in the Street said...

"The less you intend to do about something the more you have to keep talking about it."

A bit like Iraq and Afghanistan then.

Anonymous said...

Like the Tories on expenses reform?

Mark said...

And when Conservative politicians talk about the debt crisis?

Anonymous said...

Surely the true quote of the day comes from Mr Iain Dale, talking about those poor, impoverished members of the Upper House:

"Last year, [their attendance allowance] would have trousered them £27,840. So unless you have private means, you have to have outside work"

Anonymous said...

and when the Tories talk about ... almost anything these days!

Penfold said...

Similarly, as Goebbels explained, if you are to tell a whopper, you then have to keep on repeating it, until it assumes the mantle of respectability and honesty and all believe in it.

It is my assertion, that all the spin, lies and disinformation that emanate from NuLab and its affiliates have as their genesis, the works of Goebbels. The arch-master of propaganda, within which lies the art of spin-doctorism.

No wonder the subject of military appropriations, especially for the Army in Afghan, is constantly in the news. Thank you Sir Humphrey, for giving the lie to Gordo's constant Goebbelsisms as to how the Army has the kit it has asked for and will be provided for. Strains of the mendacity that Goebbels had to manipulate after the failure to take Moscow and the debacle of Stalingrad.

Ron Todd said...

Of course Brown and Cameron think the NHS is wonderfull.

If either of them turned up at A&E on a Friday they would be seen instantly by the best doctor in the building.

Andrew Allison said...

It was not Sir Humphrey who said that, it was the cabinet secretary, Sir Arnold. Very true though.