Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Daley Half Dozen: (Saturday)

1. Craig Murray wonders what the point is of continuing to blog.
2. Douglas Carswell asks if Britain is a reliable ally.
3. FleetStreetBlue reckons Twitter is not all it's cracked up to be.
4. IndependenceHome urges you to stock up on lightbulbs.
5. Martin Bright on the Great Libya folly.
6. Donal Blaney: We're Conservatives, not Progressives.


Einy Shah said...

Good pick, hopefully I can make it on to your top blogs. Wishful thinking but I will improve on my blogging skills.

Bardirect said...

It's about time you dumped the amend the smoking ban shit - it's extremely annoying. Freedom from smoke is my bag and Greg Knight is looking worse than one of his old monkeys or his Jensens. He did at least have some good taste about cars.

Adcock said...

why don't you allow open comments thread back on your blog Iain?
I think comments moderation is stifling debate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ive not been by for a while Iain - amongst other things my little dog died. Trust you are well?

Anonymous said...

PS - just listening to CBS and it can only be surmised that, as Gordon Brown hides away on holiday, relations between Britain and America are going to hell in a handcart.

The Grim Reaper said...

Iain said: "Craig Murray wonders what the point is of continuing to blog."

You enjoyed writing that, didn't you? Crafty git. ;-)

crockhamtown said...

Re Fleet Street Blues saying:

"Guido Fawkes - who knows a thing or two about success on the internet - sensibly points out that over the course of a three days 11,902 people tweeted #welovethenhs 22,642 times."

This seems to imply that each person tweeted twice on the same subject. If 11,902 is divided by our 650 constituencies, this amounts to 18 people.

Anonymous said...

How does leaving your comments work - just trying it out