Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Wednesday

1. Guido fingers Kevan Jones as the man behind the campaign against General Dannatt.
2. Tory Politico on why comprehensive schools are shunning difficult subjects.
3. David Jones MP on a constituent who has been disadvantaged by devolution.
4. Cicero's Songs is back in the country, but is depressed by it.
5. Justin Webb says goodbye USA, hello UK.
6. Tory Radio on the Labour MP advising private health providers.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the blatant self-promotion, but nobody has blogged about this new blog controversy

Justin Webb Obama's man in the BBC said...

I wonder if we see Justin Webbs biased reporting, like we did on US presidentielle election. I do remember him saying to some chap in Times Squere 'well done', when he voted for Obama! I can't see him saying that if some one votes for Camron.

Anonymous said...

You did a piece on Labour not advertising for jobs on the Labour party website in the last year or so.

They seem to be recruiting through other means FYI. Below the radar!

GE is coming!

Anonymous said...

Guido's comments on Kevan Jones well expose this parasitic creature who wouldn't recognise the decency and integrity of Gen. Danatt if it bit him in the ar$e - as well it might after Danatt's impending retirement.

Wasn't it Jones who trawled the media in support of Hight Court action to reduce soldiers' compensation? - under the guise of being fair to them!

Where do we breed this low life?

Dick the Prick said...

Morning Dalester - what's with the depressing twitter feed about jacking it all in - steady on there buddy, no need for that - take a holiday or have a triffle or something - easy now (as the brethren would say).

Anonymous said...

Kevan Jones running a campaign against Gen. Dannat? He's clearly not very good as I hadn't noticed.

Anonymous said...

Labour are hardly recruiting below the radar.

About three months ago, they publicly ( advertised for a number of 12 month campaigns interns in regions.

Therefore the GE is in May/June.