Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 50 Scottish Political Blogs

Here are the first ten of the Top 50 Scottish Blogs. For the full list click HERE.

1 (1) Tom Harris MP LA
2 (3) SNP Tactical Voting SC
3 (25) Underdogs Bite Upwards LI
4 (2) Mr Eugenides CO
5 (8) Two Doctors GP
6 (28) Malc in the Burgh SC
7 (30) Caron's Musings LD
8 Yapping Yousuf LA
9 Scottish Unionist NA
10 (4) J Arthur MacNumpty NA

If you are listed in the Top 50 please do feel free to use this blog on your sudebar.

This list is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

Click on the blog to visit it. For a full list of all 118 Scottish political blogs click HERE.

All these lists, together with articles from leading blog commentators, will be published in the TOTAL POLITICS GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING, which will be published in mid September at £12.99. You can preorder your copy HERE.


Rob said...

Congrats to Tom Harris, it's usually a good blog to read...except when he gets on to politics! And for some bizzare reason blogger is preventing me from adding him to my blogroll. I'm sure he'll miss the handful of clicks he'd get from my site. On the upshot, if I want to read his blog it means I have to use your blog as a link Iain, so it's a bonus for you!

Ollie Cromwell said...

I can't believe Subrosa isn't on the list.

Hamish said...

May I add my congrats to Tom Harris.
I often disagree with him, but his post on Megrahi was very cogent.

What no Subrosa?

I think I'm getting the hang of these two letter labels. A bit like bingo: two doctors - GP, Brian of the Media - ME.

Iain Dale said...

Subrosa declined to be included in the poll.

Old Holborn said...

Yet another Old Holborn author picks up a 3rd place award

James Mackenzie said...

I'd like to thank my reading public, our lovely host, my mother, etc etc.

Two Doctors

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the list of top English Political Blogs!