Monday, August 03, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Tory Rascal says being British is not about toeing the line.
2. Malc in the Burgh fisks an article about Scottish nationalism.
3. Archbishop Cranmer on Harriet Harman and the Roman Catholic Church.
4. Michael Crick says there has been a big turnout in the Totnes Open Primary.
5. Conservative Historian looks at all the things which happen in the so-called silly season.
6. Guido reveals that David Hencke is the new lobby correspondent for Tribune.
7. Norfolk Blogger asks if Mandelson is the new Heseltine.
8. Andrew Sparrow on a breakdown of Labour discipline.
9. Stephen Pollard on Ofcom's judgment against Press TV.
10. Party Lines on the PM4PM "nonsense".
11. Alun Williams reviews his favourite Welsh blogs.
12. Jill Kirby on the need to simplify the benefits system.

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Anonymous said...

That first link is broken... good stuff from Cranmer!