Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Mark Hanson on the Labour new media announcement which prematurely ejaculated on the Guardian website.
2. Jack of Kent wants to ban banning.
3. Roger Helmer says it is not unpatriotic to criticise the NHS.
4. Tom Harris asks if blogs will benefit from newspapers charging for website content.
5. Heresy Corner on how we are funding the Taliban.
6. Libertarian Party blog on how Alistair Darling can't resit fiddling with his knob.
7. David Jones MP spots a strategic dilemma for Labour.
8. Letters From a Tory thinks Harriet Harman is quietly manouvering.
9. James Graham tries to look beyond the LibDem ghetto of candidate selection.
10. Your Freedom & Ours has a go at the sainted Bono.
11. Dick Puddlecote reports on how to sack 2,500 people in one go.
12. Martin Bright says three cheers for Jim Fitzpatrick.

COMING TOMORROW: Why the LibDems fear the next election


Anonymous said...

Depressingly 3 more soldiers have does in explosions on patrol in Sangin. We do not know if they have been killed in a vehicle.

The picture is further depressed by the location. I am happy to be corrected but some half dozen soldiers have been killed in the last few days in what is in effect a rear area.

To me this suggests that the campaign is stalled is failing even. The current drawn out situation strikes me as analogous to the first day of the Somme. Then we set out in good heart with a good plan, or so we though. But the plan failed.

On the Somme within 2 weeks new tactics were devised and 2 years later the British Army inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the German Army. We always remember the Somme but we should not forget Amiens.

The question is can the modern British Army similarly develop the tactics which will bring, if not victory, then security.

The immediacy of national survival is not there (although Brown in fact uses this as a justification, but the analgy with WW1 is valkid i feel. Then and now a whole new unexpected set of problems are facing our soldiers. Like then it will be a painful experience in overcoming them.

Adrian said...

Are you tired, Iain? You would normally spot a hoax like the Singapore firedrill story a mile off.

The Grim Reaper said...

Iain Dale's Diary - soon £20 per month to read. You've always wanted to make some money out of blogging, there's your answer.

Problem is, how many people would actually fork out to read these things? ;-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Hope you're not accusing me of that, Adrian? I did provide proof via a link to a scanned article.

If you have an alternative source disproving it, I'd be happy to update my blog. :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Grim Reaper: Same question to you. Are you insinuating something?

Good grief.